Carlson and Greenwald exposed why one jaw-dropping situation with a trio of internet giants should give every American chills

The Left is completely deranged in American institutions.

They have seized so much power within cornerstones of world economics and culture that they believe they can get away with anything.

Now Carlson and Greenwald have ripped the curtain back on why one jaw-dropping situation with a trio of internet giants should give every American chills.

Big Tech is infested with leftists who will rain hell on anyone exposing their radical agendas.

Several Big Tech companies just proved they’re more twisted than anyone could have imagined. 

Google, Paypal, and Venmo just made a stomach-churning move. 

And it has outsiders ask how many pedophiles are running Big Tech. 

There’s absolutely no explanation why, but three tech companies just shut down an organization focused on protecting children. 

The blacklisting took place recently when Gays Against Groomers had their payment and Google accounts all shut down within a 24-hour period. 

The organization sent out a tweet when the situation first started going down. 

“BREAKING: We have just been BANNED from @Venmo and @PayPal (within minutes of each other) for ‘violating’ their user agreement,” the organization announced in a tweet. 

“We are an organization that consists entirely of gay people whose only mission is to safeguard children from abuse,” the organization added. “Woke homophobia is real, folks.”

Both payment platforms claim to have shut down the group for violating its user agreement.

But there’s no explanation how Gays Against Groomers supposedly ran amok. 

But leaders say they’re committed to standing up against the tech companies’ bullying techniques. 

“We’re just an organization that is comprised completely of gay people. We even have a few trans people within our organization, just trying to fight this evil that is happening in the name of LGBTQIA, the whole alphabet mafia,” said founder Jaimee Michell in an appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight. “We’re just trying to stand up against it, and we’re being punished for that.”

Mitchell explained part of why his organization is likely getting so much pushback. 

“They’re defending pedophiles and child predators and the entire ideology that is transitioning children and mutilating their bodies and using them as sex objects,” Mitchell said. “That’s the side they want to stand with.”

Shortly after their payment platforms went down, Google went as far as disabling the group’s gmail account.

“BREAKING: After being banned by @PayPal and @Venmo less than 24 hours ago, We have JUST been banned by @Google! Big tech is coordinating a massive attack on our organization for trying to protect children,” the organization announced. “THIS IS INSANE.”

Glenn Greenwald pointed out why this situation should give every American chills.

“It makes no difference what you think of this group,” he wrote in a tweet. “What you’re seeing here is the new a much more alarming frontier of corporate censorship: *banishment from the financial system* for having the wrong ideology.”

He then added that “Trudeau’s freezing of protestors’ bank accounts previewed this.”

Meanwhile, Gays Against Groomers have dug up all kinds of information on an organization apparently filled with pedophiles that’s still in PayPal’s good graces. 

Somehow, according to a messed up leftist algorithm people fighting for the legalization of child sex dolls and abolishing the entire sex offender registry is cool. 

But a group willing to stand up against the establishment Left—even if only in the name of protecting children—is a dangerous faction that needs to be cut off financially and silenced. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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