Capitol Police had a stunning reaction to far-left protesters

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Democrats and their media allies have been fear-mongering about January 6th for two years.

They claimed that American democracy almost ended.

But Capitol Police had a stunning reaction to far-left protesters.

The double standard in treatment between left-wing protests and right-wing protests is stark.

Leftists who take over buildings and interrupt official proceedings are lauded as freedom fighters, but right-wingers are called terrorists and thrown in prison for years.

Ironically, pro-Palestine protesters led by Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib staged a protest in the U.S. Capitol in response to actual terror attacks committed by Hamas against innocent Israeli citizens.

The power-and-profits hungry puppet masters always jump to take advantage of a crisis

Even if one wants to draw a clear distinction between Tlaib’s pro-Palestine supporters and J6 protesters, there’s no denying that the pro-Palestine protesters got more favorable treatment than a children’s choir that sang the National Anthem in the Capitol back in June.

The children were escorted out of the building for singing without a permit, even though they had been given the green light from the House Speaker.

The Rushingbrook Children’s Choir of Greenville, South Carolina was halted by Capitol Police for singing The Star-Spangled Banner, while pro-Palestine protesters were allowed to carry on.

Choir Director David Rasbach said, “When they stopped us and I walked over to the Capitol Police I said, ‘Why are you stopping us?’ … They said, ‘Because this is considered a demonstration and we don’t allow demonstrations in the Capitol.’”

But clearly they do allow demonstrations in the Capitol, as evidenced by the unsanctioned pro-Palestine demonstration.

After the choir incident, the Capitol Police wrote in a statement, “Although popup demonstrations and musical performances are not allowed in the U.S. Capitol without the proper approval, due to a miscommunication, the U.S. Capitol Police were not aware that the Speaker’s Office had approved this performance…We apologize to the choir for this miscommunication that impacted their beautiful rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner and their visit to Capitol Hill.”

Congresswoman Tlaib barely hides her support for Hamas, which she and other radical leftists connect with the Palestinian cause.

That’s why so many leftists openly cheered when Hamas terrorists murdered, raped, and kidnapped innocent Israelis.

History doesn’t rhyme it repeats

During a street protest, Tlaib quickly helped spread allegations that Israeli forces bombed a hospital in Gaza, repeating the charges even after the IDF showed evidence believed to debunk the war crimes accusation.

Leftists are demonstrating for everyone to see the clear double standard when it comes to enforcement of federal law.

Yet, many conservatives also recognize that not enough Americans really question what interests might be behind divisive staged events like the pro-Palestine protests at the Capitol.

In fact, they insist it’s just the type of effort designed to benefit the munitions industry, akin to the CIA’s reported involvement in fostering the hippy movement of the 1960’s in order to solidify support from average Americans for increased involvement in Vietnam.

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