Canceling this coach from the NFL wasn’t enough for the woke mob and you won’t believe where they went next

Cancel culture is still spreading.

Not even professional sports are safe.

And canceling this coach from the NFL wasn’t enough for the woke mob and you won’t believe where they went next.

Jon Gruden was forced to resign from his position as head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders.

The NFL coach lost his job after a woke media hit job.

Gruden was the victim of an investigation into malfeasance within the Washington Football Team amid accusations of widespread sexual harassment and misconduct.

The NFL sifted through years of emails, and found problematic messages that Gruden—then a color commentator for ESPN’s Monday Night Football—sent to former Football Team (then called the Redskins) executive Bruce Allen, whom Gruden had worked with in Tampa Bay.

The investigation allegedly included an examination of over 600,000 emails, but somehow Gruden was the only person who’d sent anything untoward.

Gruden made insensitive remarks about NFL Players’ Association executive director DeMaurice Smith, Commissioner Roger Goodell, and the fast-tracking of female officials in emails sent in 2011.

Gruden’s cancelation was swift and severe, so much so that he wasn’t only removed as the Raiders head coach.

The woke mob demanded his head and got Gruden’s head in a video game too – EA Sports’s Madden 22.

Ironically, EA Sports included former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick in the game even though he hasn’t played football in five years.

This sovietization of the culture is familiar to students of history.

Joseph Stalin infamously had a supposed party traitor removed from a photograph after the fact.

The backlash to Gruden’s ten-year-old emails shows that cancel culture is alive and well, and even old private communications can be used to destroy anyone’s livelihood.

We live in an age where Conservatives are continually having things they say misconstrued by their political opponents.

And it’s all the more troubling when the Big Tech oligarchs have abusive monopoly power and can hand private communications over to whomever they want at whim, including bad actors in the Deep State who they’ve proven all-too-willing to work with in recent years.

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