Canceled comedian is sounding the alarm on one concerning Jeff Bezos project

Hollywood elites can all be expected to move in lockstep on political issues.

But a handful break away from the groupthink.

And a “canceled” comedian is sounding the alarm on one concerning Jeff Bezos project.

Comedian and actor Russell Brand has made himself persona non grata in the entertainment industry for speaking out against globalist elites.

Brand was one of the few inside Hollywood who vocally raised concerns about the COVID restrictions and the unconscionable loss of freedom that occurred.

Even though Brand is left-wing at heart, he’s been willing to call out the establishment, unlike so many other famous leftists.

Now, Brand is calling out Amazon for a new payment feature that raises significant privacy concerns.

Whole Foods, which was purchased by Amazon a few years ago, will soon have scanners that will allow people to pay for their groceries with the wave of a palm.

On his podcast Awake with Russell, Brand explained, “Move over freedom more like…It’s not only ApplePay who’s the competitor here. It’s the concept of liberty…[The] mentality behind these ideals, behind these advances often includes data capture, increased power for companies like Amazon…When we know Amazon have relationships with the police state, with CIA, with the FBI, with the government, have been guilty of handing over data without consent before…Oughten we be querying whether or not this is simply for our convenience or right from the get go.”

Amazon products Alexa and Ring have both been the focus of security concerns.

In one bizarre episode on Ellen DeGeneres’s talk show, she attempted to quell concerns that Alexa was tied to the CIA.

Brand continued, “It’s not like it says literally in the Bible that the mark of the beast will be rendered in the palm of your hand or anything like that. Don’t worry, just walk face first into Armageddon without questioning it. It’s convenient having an Apocalypse…Let’s just hope there’s never a point when they start saying ‘what are your political beliefs? … The social credit score you. ‘Do you have the medications we want? Do you believe what we want you to believe? Are you interested in freedom are ya? You’re not interested in controlling your own life are you?’ … Just wave your hand…Bye, bye freedom. Bye.”

Big Tech has so much information on people, it’s terrifying to think about it.

There’s no telling how much of that information is being shared with the U.S. government.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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