Cancel culture just entered sacred territory to erase an icon from modern history that will leave you furious

Satire is the last frontier of protected political free speech. 

Now cancel culture has just entered that sacred territory. 

And one of the most iconic warriors ever is about to get erased from modern history.

Comic artist Scott Adams has spent decades making fun of—and telling the truth about—American work culture through his comic strip Dilbert and its namesake cubicle warrior. 

In recent years much of the nonsensical ironies permeating work culture has centered around the leftist woke agenda—and naturally became fodder for some of Adams’ most popular comic strips. 

Dibert creator’s greatest sin: he went after ESG

“All of the wokeness and anything that permeated from ESG [environmental, social, and governance] … so that stuff made its way into the business world, and then, it became proper content for Dilbert,” he explained in an interview with Fox News.

But apparently the woke “powers that be” don’t have a sense of humor.

Adams says he just experienced a massive financial hit after his comic was pulled from 77 different newspapers. 

“It was part of a larger overhaul, I believe, of comics, but why they decided what was in and what was out, that’s not known to anybody except them, I guess,” Adams said. 

The cancellation came shortly after Bloomberg ran an article about how Dilbert has become “the voice of ESG opposition.”

“A ‘colicky’ baby with ‘firehose diarrhea’”

While Adams doesn’t take a specific political stance, he has compared ESG to “a ‘colicky’ baby with ‘firehose diarrhea.’”

That was apparently too much truth for the corporate-controlled media dons at the newspapers to tolerate. 

While ESG pushing leftists are on track to control more than one-third of global assets under management by 2025, according to Bloomberg, it’s telling that Dilbert is being treated as such a serious threat by the world’s most powerful political lobby. 

The truth is that the dehumanizing and illogical behavior required by “woke” forces in the business world is wearing down not only conservatives, but even people who have always considered themselves “left of center” but still cling to using logical reasoning from time to time. 

That’s part of what makes Adams’ work so appealing. The day before Adams announced his comic strip had been pulled from 77 newspapers, his new character, Dave—a black man who “identifies” as white—sat down with his boss.  

“Dave, I need to boost our company’s ESG rating, so I’m promoting you to be our CTO,” his boss explained. “I know you identify as white, so that won’t help our ESG scores, but would it be too much trouble to identify as gay?”

“Depends on how hard you want me to sell it,” Dave replies. 

“Just wear better shirts.”

In the wake of news that Dilbert has been canceled, massive newspaper owner Lee Enterprises appears to be still feeling out whether or not they’ll dare admit to canceling Dilbert with Newsweek claiming in so-called fact check that the change was a “budgetary” decision rather than politically motivated 

But you’d better believe there’s no way any media outlet is going to make money wiping out the most popular content it can get its hands on—and that’s what Dilbert has represented over the years. 

The real test now is how big of a financial hit corporate America is willing to take to gain more control over how Americans think. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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