California Congressman dropped jaws on Fox News with this one thing Democrats did to swing the election away from Trump

The Democrats thought they were done with Donald Trump.

But he continues to hammer Democrats over how the D.C. Swamp undermined him every step of of his Presidency.

Now, this California Congressman has dropped jaws on Fox News with the one thing Democrats did to swing the election away from Trump.

In the 2020 Election, Donald Trump increased his vote total from 2016 by 12 million people, but Joe Biden still came out on top.

Of course, Trump was running against Biden and the media in the 2020 Election.

Now a California Congressman, Republican Darrell Issa went on Fox News and called out exactly how the corporate-controlled media dragged Biden over the finish line.

In the interview, Issa mentioned the fact that Hunter Biden’s scandals were either downplayed or flat-out ignored by the media.

Issa said, “[T]his involves so many companies such as Facebook, Twitter and so on. They took down the New York Post. There was clearly a conspiracy to, if you will, cover up the wrong-doing of the president and his family just before an election that he had to win and did win. So the investigation is clearly warranted, not just because Hunter Biden seems to be a petty criminal taking advantage of his father’s money and perhaps sharing money with his father — it’s because if we have this kind of coordinated effort just before an election. What we have is American collusion to affect the output of an election. That can’t happen.”

Issa is correct.

Both Facebook and Twitter suppressed the Hunter Biden “laptop from hell” bombshell report by The New York Post to the point where users couldn’t even share it privately on Twitter.

Several outlets dismissed the story as “having all the hallmarks of Russian disinformation.”

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff even had the gall to lie and say he had seen proof from the intelligence community that the story was Russian propaganda.

That is clear coordination by the Democrats and their media allies.

Issa continued, “We’ve got to make sure that our press is free and fair. And right now, when it comes to new media, free and fair doesn’t exist. And when it comes to one of the oldest newspapers in America, the New York Post was founded in 1801, they were suppressed, and that’s something that every American should be concerned about. And the Judiciary Committee and other committees of Congress are going to have to investigate it thoroughly.”

Matthew Yglesias , a former Vox writer and Biden mouthpiece in the corporate-controlled press, bragged that the progressive lie about Trump’s tax cuts not helping regular Americans “worked.”

That’s what Biden’s pals in the fake news media and Big Tech hoped Americans would believe.

The truth is, according to a Media Research Center study, one in six voters in key swing states said they would not have voted for Biden had they known about his scandals or Trump’s accomplishments.

Sadly, America is now being brought to its knees by a media class full of Democratic operatives and far-left activists.

The good news is, if Republicans win back control of Congress in the midterm elections, they’ve already vowed to use their Committees as investigative bodies to get to the heart of Democrat corruption.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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