Bombshell OIG report shows massive spying operation gone wrong as shocking numbers of innocent Americans had lives rifled through

The surveillance state keeps tight wraps on their mistakes.

The “elite” media helps ensure nothing embarrassing is talked about much these days unless the surveillance state okays it.

But a bombshell OIG report just dropped showing massive “errors” as innocent Americans’ have their lives rifled through in spying operations gone wrong.

Accuracy on warrant applications should be something the FBI gets right.

But a just revealed Office of Inspector General report shows that the FBI did a horrible job double-checking the accuracy on warrant applications that led to innocent Americans being spied on.

Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz’ new report details “widespread” shortcomings in how the FBI applies for surveillance warrants.

Horowitz stated that in reviewing just 7,000 FISA applications he found 183 either had errors in the factual accuracy review procedures – so-called “Woods Procedures” – or were missing the reviews altogether.

According to the OIG report, in a deeper review of 29 of those applications, hundreds more errors were found.

“The OIG initiated this audit to determine whether the significant errors found in the December 2019 OIG report were indicative of a more widespread problem with the Woods Procedures compliance. Given the FBI’s reliance upon its Woods Procedures to help ensure the accuracy of its FISA applications, we believe the missing Woods Files represent a significant lapse in the FBI’s management of its FISA program,” Horowitz’s report states.

It’s frightening to think that there is so little regard for proper procedure and that these “errors” or “oversights” are leading to, at minimum, the destruction of innocent Americans’ right to privacy.

The FBI responded to Horowitz’s report by saying it fully accepts the recommendations the Inspector General made and is cooperating with the review of its “Woods Procedures.”

The bureaucratic red tape of the government all too often hurts the very people these officials claim to be protecting.

Hundreds upon hundreds of errors in these reports is unacceptable and leads many to believe there is a deeper problem inside the FBI, not just “errors” or “mistakes.”

There is no such thing as “just a mistake” when innocent people’s lives are being affected.

And critics suggest that is often by design, allowing the targeting of political opponents as was seen in the debacle surrounding FBI spying on Trump foreign policy advisor Carter Page.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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