Blonde commentator Tomi Lahren put the screws to Joe Biden’s goons

Conservative commentator Tomi Lahren is a regular thorn in the side of Democrats.

So, it’s no wonder one Joe Biden lackey can barely handle her existence.

And now Lahren just put the screws to Joe Biden’s goons.

Joe Biden’s Oval Office zealots blew up when Mark Zuckerburg and Facebook were slow to follow his insane orders.

Some explosive emails have leaked out proving the Biden administration was directly targeting Tomi Lahren with their aggressive pandemic-related censorship campaign in the spring of 2021.

Big Tech giants have argued for years that censorship on their platforms isn’t a First Amendment issue since they have a right to censor their customers as a private business.

But that argument is crumbling as evidence mounts up showing that federal government entities have been working directly with social media platforms—in some cases paying them millions of dollars—to silence conservatives.

Biden hand fumed at Facebook’s failure to “reduce” Lahren’s reach for opposing the COVID jab

The latest bombshell report shows members of Joe Biden’s White House team going after Tomi Lahren.

In an April 2021 email White House Digital Director sent an email complaining about Facebook’s failure to “reduce” anti-vaccine sentiment on the platform.

The note apparently came shortly after Rob Flaherty got off the phone with a contact at Facebook.

“Yesterday was Tomi Lehren saying she won’t take one. This is exactly why I want to know what ‘Reduction’ actually looks like,” the Biden hand wrote, adding “I’m not sure it’s a reduction!”

His unidentified Facebook cohort replied saying, “Thanks—I saw the same thing when we hung up. Running this down now.”

The email was revealed thanks to a lawsuit filed against Biden by a group of conservative state Attorneys General.

When Lahren found out about White House censorship directed at her personally, she said she wasn’t surprised, but she’s certainly “pissed.”

“The narrative was—and is—to be protected at all costs,” Lahren said. “And notice I didn’t say ‘truth.’ They don’t care about the truth. Only the narrative.”

She says that while that political maneuvering is always concerning, the fact that they’re going so far with their lies about Covid and vaccines it’s a whole other situation.

“That’s when this crap becomes more than concerning and more like criminal,” Lahren added.

Then she pointed out that all the Biden administration’s maneuvering isn’t going to work.

“You may have censored me, which appears to be a blatant violation of the First Amendment, but you did not silence me and ya never will,” Lahren explained.

“And to Mr. Biden’s Digital Director, Rob Flaherty, if you’re gonna attempt to compel Big Tech to ‘reduce’ me again—at least spell my name correctly,” she added.

Then she made a few promises, Biden’s puppet masters can take to the bank.

“And furthermore, you think I was dangerous to your White House narrative in April 2021? Well, you just wait. Get used to me. I will be a thorn in your side until the day Sleepy Joe is out of office and into the nursing home,” Lahren promised.

“Oh, and for good measure, let me add this: I am still Covid unvaccinated,” she continued. “I will never get the Covid vaccine. And if me saying I didn’t get it and won’t get it somehow compels others to think twice before getting the jab or the sixth booster, well, I’ll add that like a badge of honor because maybe, just maybe, my vice helped prevent someone from heart issues or sudden death.”

‘We the Censored’ want an apology

She then called on White House staff to ‘fess up and take responsibility for their actions.

“And while I know I likely won’t get either, I think I speak for ‘We the Censored’ we want an acknowledgement and an apology from the White House—and we want it now,” she declared.

No matter how hard the Leftists try, their narrative is crumbling under its own weight.

Trying to sell the world on a pack of lies turns out to be a monumental task—even when the Left is pulling out every dirty trick in the book to censor every political enemy.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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