Black woman got a blood-chilling response from the CCP after she destroyed a woke studio’s latest flop

Hollywood executives have bent over backwards, cutting scenes from their Chinese versions of films to please the Chinese Communist Party.

But it’s a different story when the shoe is on the other foot.

And one black woman got a blood-chilling response from the CCP after she destroyed a woke studio’s latest flop.

For years, many moviegoers of all political stripes believed they could count on a fun trip to the theaters if a Marvel studios movie was showing. 

But the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) went woke. 

Now a young, black, female YouTuber found out the hard way that you don’t dare criticize Marvel’s woke message if you’re using the Chinese Communist Party-linked spy-ware social media app TikTok. 

TikTok gave a black woman the boot for panning Wakana Forever’s woke nonsense 

Ever since Avengers: End Game – which had its own woke elements at play – Marvel has been more concerned with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Social Justice propaganda than it has crafting compelling stories and characters.

Now, every film in Marvel’s so-called “Phase Four” of the MCU must go so out of their way to pander to woke personas and affinity groups.

But Marvel’s propagation of the radical Left’s woke agenda isn’t stopping anytime soon. 

According to one movie reviewer, Marvel’s Wakanda Forever, a sequel to the wildly successful Black Panther, is nothing more than feminist propaganda.  

And for sharing that opinion, the young, black, female reviewer had her video removed from TikTok. 

It’s fair to say YouTuber Courtney Michelle didn’t like Wakanda Forever – and she wasn’t shy about letting the world know. 

“So, I just left seeing Wakanda Forever and I am — I am pissed,” Michelle says at the start of her video. “I am pissed because if pushing an agenda was a movie this would be in the forefront of that. This was Woman King on steroids. If you think that I’m gonna believe that a hundred-pound black woman, soaking wet, is just an almighty warrior and can just body dudes like it’s no tomorrow, come on.”

Michelle’s reference to the similarly woke 2022 film Woman King is fitting after the star of that movie, Viola Davis, actually tried to guilt people into seeing the movie, saying otherwise, they would never see another female Black lead in cinema.

TikTok gives violation to black woman for critique of black movie 

But Michelle wasn’t done with her critique of Wakanda Forever’s social commentary. 

“Like instead of Wakanda it should have been called Where Are The Men,” Michelle said. “Because they was not there. They were not present. And the ones that was there was weak. But all the women that was in the movie was just brolic, built, strong Hercules. What is this saying to us? Perpetuating the idea of the strong black woman and a subservient black effeminate man. I just think it’s disgusting. I’m completely upset by the movie.”

Her review – which was quickly heading toward 100,000 views – didn’t sit well with TikTok. 

The social media platform with ties to the Chinese Communist Party removed her video faster than a “Black Panther” uppercut. 

TikTok cited “attacks and slurs,” as the reason for giving Michelle a violation and Cancel Culturing her review. 

Michelle was quick to point out this is just another example of the silencing of opinions that do not fit with the left-wing narrative. 

“I didn’t attack anyone, I didn’t make any kind of derogatory slurs,” Michelle said in her follow-up video. “But because I gave my opinion on what I think is being propagated through the media time and time again of black people, I got a violation. If y’all don’t see the silencing of people’s opinion that’s different and that not willing to go with the go-along-get-along-gang – and you know I’m going to obviously appeal. But I was hot. Who am I discriminating against? I’m a black woman. I can talk about black people.”

Sorry Courtney, not on TikTok you can’t, not in 2022. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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