Bipartisan Big Tech reformers just got a jaw-dropping surprise from Nancy Pelosi

Big Tech is out of control with the continued censorship and arbitrary labeling of “misinformation.”

It’s not just Republicans upset – people on both sides of the political aisle are demanding change.

And a bipartisan group of Big Tech reformers just got a jaw-dropping surprise from Nancy Pelosi.

A group of bipartisan Washington lawmakers have staged an attack on Big Tech in an attempt to rein in its power.

However, the group is facing a challenge they didn’t anticipate.

Nancy Pelosi.

Insiders say Pelosi is dragging her feet on getting the legislation to the floor of the House, including one piece that would put a huge dent in tech firms such as Google and Amazon.

And many are now questioning why Nancy Pelosi is stonewalling the group of bipartisan lawmakers trying to rein in Big Tech.

The proposal would stop the practice of those companies giving their own products favorable treatment in search results.

But Pelosi doesn’t appear to be in any rush to get the bill voted on.

The bill, which is sponsored by Democrat Rep. David Cicilline of Rhode Island and Republican Rep. Ken Buck of Colorado was one of six that passed the House Judiciary Committee back in June.

There is a nearly identical companion bill in the Senate, which is sponsored by Democrat Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota and Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa and it was introduced last month in the Senate and is gaining steam.

So, why the slow crawl by Pelosi?

Many believe it has to do with her husband.

Pelosi’s district represents the epicenter of the tech world and she’s married to a venture capitalist who makes millions of dollars trading shares of big tech companies like Google and Apple.

A bill like this could hurt Pelosi’s cash flow.

Pelosi has said she broadly supports legislation to rein in Big Tech, yet she has not publicly endorsed the non-discrimination bill or committed to bringing any of the legislation to the House floor.

Insiders believe that Republicans taking back control in 2022 could pave the way for some serious tech reform and at least that way Pelosi wouldn’t be destroying her own husband’s earning potential. She’d just blame it on those mean Republicans.

All that said, there are some who say even a Republican majority could see the bill dead in the water with Republican Representatives like Jim Jordan of Ohio, who is Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Committee and strongly opposed the bill.

Whatever the case may be, it sure doesn’t look good for Nancy Pelosi and her bank account.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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