Bill Maher’s latest message has green-haired teachers up in arms

For most of his career Bill Maher was held up as a hero by the Left.

Recently it’s been a different story as he’s starting to apply a little common sense to some issues.

And now woke teachers are losing their minds over what’s stuck in Maher’s craw now.

He’s finally politically incorrect

Bill Maher’s views on things like religion and politicians like George W. Bush and Donald Trump made his show, Real Time on HBO a hit with the radical Left in America.

Even before that, in his stand-up comedy routine and on his Politically Incorrect show – which was ironically very politically correct at the time – he would often say things to get under the skin of conservatives.

But then something happened.

The Left went too far — leaving all common sense and sanity behind.

While Maher is by no means a conservative, he does recognize how radical the Democrat party and its base has become.

The comedian has spoken out against the Left’s violent behavior, its genderless lunacy and its targeting of children.

Maher is still a liberal, but by today’s standards, that makes him one of the few reasonable ones remaining.

The danger of failing schools, smartphones and social media

On a recent episode of his Club Random podcast, Maher interviewed fellow comedian, Sebastian Maiscalo.

Maher asked Maiscalo about how he is preparing his children for life in the woke new world.

“I don’t know what you think your kids are learning in school. But I’m almost sure it’s nothing. I mean, they do still teach them how to read, barely.”

Maher forgot to mention that a host of teachers with TikTok accounts are indeed teaching America’s youth something – how to be far-Left activists, Critical Race Theory, genderless propaganda and victimhood mentality.

“We were afraid that if we didn’t do well, there would be terrible repercussions like getting left back,” Maher said reflecting on his own childhood. “But in 2023, they would never use that term because, ‘oh my God! You’re stigmatizing people!’ Yes! I was worried about being stigmatized! And that was good. It’s not bad to be a little scared.”

And both comedians agree, technology isn’t doing kids any favor.

Maiscalo says he tries to limit his children’s screen time and doesn’t plan on getting them a smartphone until around the time they get their driver’s license.

However, the host cautioned Maiscalo that might not be so easy when his kids are the only ones without iPhones and Instagram accounts – the designed peer pressure will pit kids against parents.

Maher also went a step further, saying smartphones are a “portal to evil,” and social media is “rotting the brains of our youth.”

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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