Bill Maher ripped these despicable leftists for cashing in on their lack of integrity

Even a self-described progressive leftist is appalled by what’s happening in today’s culture.

But for self-described progressive leftist Bill Maher, recent developments went way too far.

And Bill Maher ripped these despicable leftists for cashing in on their lack of integrity.

Bill Maher is calling out sports and Hollywood celebrities. 

And he has plenty of ammunition to argue they’re cashing in on their lack of integrity. 

Eileen Gu has about $31 million reasons to ski for Communist Chinese in Beijing. 

The 18-year-old was born in San Francisco, but embracing her Chinese heritage proved irresistible to the freestyle skier. 

The athlete and model has already made more than $31 million as a brand ambassador for 23 brand products in China. 

But as Bill Maher recently pointed out, she’s only one of several celebrities who are cashing in on their lack of integrity. 

“Is that cool now?” Maher asked during a recent episode of his show on HBO, “Choose to represent a totalitarian police state over America?”

Maher pointed out that the Olympics pretends to only be about sports, but it’s always been an international power show and “by choosing Team China Eileen Gu became a living symbol of China’s triumph over the West.”

Maher said he wouldn’t be bothered by that if the country had won a fair fight, but there’s a massive difference between government overreach in the United States and a dictatorial communist regime that engages in genocide on a regular basis. 

“We’re still—at least for another three years—a democracy based on freedom, and they are an authoritarian surveillance state based on ‘How would you like to disappear for a few months?’”

Sadly, we’re living in an era where celebrities and politicians alike are willing to overlook serious atrocities when they can walk away with “business deals” that enrich their families. 

China has even made Joe Biden’s family wealthy after Hunter Biden managed to put together a few deals that raked in $31 million for his family. 

Hmm, that’s awfully close to what it took to bribe Gu. 

By oppressing their citizens—even using the harassed Uighur group as forced labor—China has plenty of money available to make American influences see things their way. 

In the words of Maher, “‘Kowtow’ is a Chinese word but, boy, Americans have gotten good at it.”

Examples include Google practically dropping their “don’t do evil slogan”, John Cena apologizing for calling Taiwan a “country” (which it is), and Houston Rockets manager Daryl Morey apologizing for tweeting in support of Hong Kong. 

In the last case, the NBA’s $1.5 billion deal with China took precedence over human rights. 

In the words of LeBron James, Morey just needed to be “educated” on the situation. 

According to Maher, the “situation” is “I got some shoes to sell.”

News broke years ago that Lebron James’ “equality” shoes were being made by slave labor. 

Chances are the Uighurs—who have had a new “detention” facility bigger than Vatican City built for them by the Chinese Communist Party—are making those shoes just like they produce other products for numerous American brands. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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