Bill Maher just revealed a massive danger Democrats have exposed themselves to

Democrats have burned themselves big time.

Liberal comedian and TV host Bill Maher dropped the mask on his recent show.

Because Maher just revealed this massive danger Democrats have exposed themselves to.

Author, Twitter Files journalist, and host of the Useful Idiots podcast, Matt Taibbi appeared as a guest on Bill Maher’s recent show, to discuss censorship.

During the segment, Maher – long-known as an outspoken liberal – went off on Democrats.

“I read in the New York Times this week there is a new voting block. A new constituency: anti-mandate,” Maher said.

He added that the paper claimed most people that make up the voting block are parents.

Democrats crossed a new constituency big time – ‘anti-mandaters’

“They said mostly parents, but these are people who are not going to vote Republican or Democrat. They’re going to vote based on Covid policy,” Maher added. “I’m one of them and I don’t even have kids.”

The outspoken host, who was a longtime Democrat but broke from the party over the recent leftist meltdown, says law makers have no business butting in on his personal health decisions.

“I do not want to be dictated, there is no ‘the science’, especially in medical science. You can recommend whatever you like, but I must insist you don’t insist how I handle my health,” he declared.

“Obama told me, ‘If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.’ Well, I did and I do,” Maher continued. “And my doctors, I know many of them, say very different things because doctors were afraid to speak out.”

Matt Taibbi agreed with the dangers posed when politicians shut down doctors in order to support their own political narrative.

And the root cause is a commitment to censorship Democrats have been ramping up over the past several years.

“I think that’s one issue where Democrats are really, really weak on is the freedom of speech issue,” Taibbi pointed out.

“Ever since the beginning of the content moderation era on the Internet, there are a lot of people that associate the Democrat Party with people being taken off the Internet,” Taibbi said. “That’s the complete opposite of what I remember liberalism being about when I was growing up.”

No doubt, back in the day Republicans couldn’t imagine anything worse than Democrats who were pushing the bounds of the acceptable status quo.

But now Democrats have been hijacked by an elitist establishment Left who are bent on censorship and seemingly complete mind control over the entire population.

That’s a situation that doesn’t sit well with Maher and a growing number of former Democrats.

Maher argues that shutting down debate is wildly irresponsible.

“Especially in medical science which is eminently debatable and they’ve already been wrong about so much in this particular crisis that we’ve had not to mention everything that they’ve been wrong about in the past,” Maher pointed out.

“So, don’t sit there in your white coat telling me ‘we have all the answers,’ you obviously don’t,” he concluded.

The question now is how far Democrats will manage to extend their overreach of power even as they alienate a huge portion of their voting base.

Logic would suggest Democrats are in a whole lot of trouble, but the results from the most recent midterm elections only encouraged them to keep on acting like the thought police.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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