Bill Maher and his liberal guest roasted Joe Biden for this depressing speech

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President Ronald Reagan became known for his excellent communication skills, earning him the moniker of “the Great Communicator.” 

Joe Biden on the other hand has earned a reputation for his communication gaffes, often failing to finish a complete sentence without stumbling over his words. 

And Bill Maher and his liberal guest roasted Joe Biden for this depressing speech. 

Even these liberal media personalities could not hold back after Joe Biden embarrasses himself 

One of the primary responsibilities of a United States President involves communicating with the American public. 

This responsibility has become even more crucial as Americans become increasingly saturated with media. 

With this in mind, Joe Biden faces immense pressure from both sides of the political aisle for his inability to communicate effectively. 

Nearly every public speaking engagement he participates in results in a nonsensical word salad or a humiliating gaffe. 

On this week’s episode of late-night host Bill Maher’s podcast Club Random, Maher invited former Daily Show host Larry Wilmore to riff about politics, among other matters. 

Joe Biden’s recent commencement speech at Morehouse College came up during their chat, and the two liberal comedians agreed that Joe Biden did a terrible job communicating with these aspiring college graduates. 

During his address at the famous historically black college in Atlanta, Biden claimed that black men must work ten times harder than others to achieve the same results. 

Joe Biden also told the graduates, “You started college just as George Floyd was murdered.  And there was a reckoning on race. It’s natural to wonder if the democracy you hear about actually works for you.”

During Maher’s podcast with Larry Wilmore, Maher asked Wilmore “What did you think of Biden’s speech at [Morehouse]?”

Wilmore quickly replied, “It’s condescending.  I live in the world of aspiration, not desperation because I know those things exist.”

“I’ve talked about them, I make jokes about them, always keep it in perspective of if you want to build something, you don’t want to just put bandaids on things in your life, you also want to build things in your life too, and you build things by being inspired,” the former Daily Show host added. 

Host Bill Maher agreed with Wilmore, comparing his speech to Obama’s commencement speech, claiming, “Obama’s was all about so many doors have been broken down, you have so many good reasons to hope, and no more excuses, and when it went over way better.”

“Of course, it’s obviously a different standard he’s working from as a black man speaking at that college, but Biden’s was so just so, I thought, 2000-late,” Maher said to Wilmore. 

Joe Biden faces pressure from both sides as Election Day inches closer 

As it stands, Joe Biden faces immense pressure from both the Right and The Left for his poor communication skills. 

Some Democrats have started to fear that Joe Biden may not have the capacity to serve as president until January of 2029, if re-elected. 

Many Republicans have held this opinion for years now, meaning that Joe Biden faces massive pressure from both sides over his inability to communicate. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story. 

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