Bill Gates uttered two words that will send a chill down your spine

Billionaire globalists are perhaps finally getting the scrutiny they deserve.

It has become clear that American interests are not a top priority for them.

Now Bill Gates uttered two words that will send a chill down your spine.

Bill Gates and other billionaire globalists have supported policies that weaken the United States.

Gates’ “civil war” talk highlights ties to CCP and unrelenting push for Chinese-style Social Credit System

For example, Gates is very tied in with the Chinese Communist Party, which makes no secret about attempting to supplant the United States as the preeminent superpower.

And during a recent summit, Gates invoked the words “civil war” when discussing political polarization, something in which he has had a hand.

At the Forbes 400 Summit, Gates explained, “I admit that political polarization may bring it all to an end. We’re going to have a hung election and a civil war…I have no expertise in that. I’m not going to divert my money to that because I wouldn’t know how to spend it.”

Gates has been instrumental in the COVID regime that has demonized people for not taking the experimental COVID vaccine.

If Gates and the elites had their way, Americans would have been forced completely under a Chinese-style Social Credit System to limit all of their freedoms, starting with jab status.

As it was, they had to settle for a softer version of the “papers please,” tyranny they desire. But they won’t stop trying.  

Conveniently, there’s scarcely if ever been a war where civilians didn’t have to get “passes” to move freely in areas, so “civil war” may be exactly what they want to make their authoritarian dreams a reality.

The fact is, the vaccines they’ve demanded have not done what they were purported to do.

But those claims were never labeled misinformation.

Ironically, Gates believes that so-called misinformation is leading to polarization.

Games said, “The polarization and lack of trust is a problem…One of the best-selling books last year was a book by Robert Kennedy, saying that I like to make money and kill millions of people with vaccines. It’s wild that sells well.”

What’s wild is the COVID regime burying the risks of vaccines, and supporting forced vaccinations irrespective of individuals’ health risks.

Gates added, “People seek simple solutions [and] the truth is kind of boring sometimes. Anybody who’s got good innovations on reducing polarization, getting the truth to be as interesting as the crazy stuff, that would be well worth investing in…I’m generally optimistic about the future, but one thing that dampens my outlook a bit is the increasing polarization in America, especially when it comes to politics.”

The problem is that “the truth” is not what is being pushed by the so-called mainstream media.

For example, legacy institutions like The New York Times said the Wuhan virus lab leak theory was racist bunk.

Now no serious person truly believes that COVID had zoonotic origins.

That is one data point of thousands as to why people no longer believe The Times or the CDC or other “institutions” that people once took for granted as trustworthy.

Polarization is on the rise because the establishment is driving it, and billionaire globalists like Gates are making it worse.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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