Bill Gates’ Microsoft ad network exposed in war on conservatives

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The Left has developed cunning methods to prevent conservatives from gaining power and spreading information ever since the 2016 election.

Conservatives now have to deal with a disproportionate amount of censorship and silencing as a result.

Bill Gates’ Microsoft ad network was just exposed in war on conservatives.

Big Tech is determined to censor conservatives

The Left has made it its mission to censor conservatives in recent years.

After Donald Trump won in 2016, many on the Left vowed to never allow a prominent conservative to start a powerful political movement ever again.

So-called fact-checking and other misinformation services are a popular tool by the Left to discredit conservatives and everyone else they wish to silence.

The Global Disinformation Index (GDI) is a prominent think tank based in the United Kingdom that indexes digital platforms based on their alleged reliability.

Ad networks such as Microsoft’s Xandr and other tech companies use this index to determine who can receive ad revenue, and who must be demonetized and thus effectively silenced.

A closer look at the GDI reveals something very dubious.

Conservatives are furious at the GDI because it does not actually do what it claims to do.

Instead it seeks and destroys conservative websites while allowing notoriously untrustworthy left-leaning websites to go unchecked.

According to the GDI, the most dependable and trustworthy news websites include the Huffington Post, New York Times, the Washington Post, ProPublica, and BuzzFeed News.

Among the allegedly least trustworthy sites are the New York Post, RealClearPolitics, Reason Magazine, the Federalist, and the Daily Wire.

Sites that fall in the least trustworthy column often make it on the Dynamic Exclusion List, which is used by many advertising companies.

A spot on the Dynamic Exclusion List could mean demonetization and a steep decline in ad revenues, which most websites rely on for survival.

The Dynamic Exclusion List is choking conservative voices

A closer look at the websites that do and do not fall onto the Dynamic Exclusion List shows that there is likely a deep-rooted leftist bias within the Global Disinformation index.

Websites that the GDI deems to be trustworthy like Buzzfeed and the Huffington Post have gained a reputation for being less than reliable, and extremely biased towards the far left.

For example, the Huffington Post has yet to retract a number of articles that question the legitimacy of the Hunter Biden laptop story, which is widely accepted as fact now.

Buzzfeed is even less reliable, spreading lies and distortions about Donald Trump and his family on a near daily basis.

Conservative and even non-biased sites like RealClearPolitics are the enemy of the GDI, and until this bias is resolved, no major tech companies should be using this flawed index.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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