Bill Gates just previewed what could be in store for Microsoft users with one cringeworthy procedure

Radical leftism is becoming a threat to reality itself.

Everything from media to big tech is being negatively influenced.

And Bill Gates just previewed what could be in store for Microsoft users with one cringeworthy procedure.

Bill Gates and the rest of the leftist Silicon Valley tech oligarchy are hellbent on using the power of their tech and social media empires against those they disagree with.

Not only that but they’re using them to push their woke ideology as wide as possible through so-called “woke” capitalism, which might be the most batty and disgusting cultural development over the past several years.

It’s not about free-markets anymore.

And if you doubt Microsoft went full “woke,” they’re about to evaporate when you see the “wokeness” was on full display at Microsoft’s recent Ignite Conference.

First, hosts for the conference announced their race and gender presumably for the visually impaired audience, but that is utterly pointless.


If that wasn’t bad enough, another host performed a land acknowledgement, which has become all the rage of woke leftists in recent years.


We’ve already seen how on board Gates has been driving vaccine passports since the beginning of the COVID hysteria.

So you have to wonder how long it could be before Bill Gates is demanding everyone show proof they’ve done these nonsensical recitations before they can log on and use Microsoft products?

Identity politics are unraveling the country, and the Left – to nearly the man, woman, or whatever alphabet soup pronoun lunacy they call themselves – are all egging on the chaos.

But they’re playing dangerous and stupid games while patting themselves on the back for their virtue.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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