Bill Gates is in hiding after this embarrassing detail was just revealed

The last several months have not been very good for the technology industry.

Many Big Tech companies like Facebook, Google, and Amazon have seen their value plummet, which has led to some very difficult economic decisions.

But Bill Gates is in hiding after this embarrassing detail was just revealed.

Big Tech elites do not care that their industry is dying

It almost goes without saying that now is not a good time for the technology sector.

In recent weeks and months, most Big Tech companies have seen their values crash which has led to layoffs and other drastic economic decisions.

Yet, many Big Tech executives do not appear to be bothered one bit, especially the executives over at Microsoft.

That is because it was revealed that just last week, Microsoft executives threw themselves a lavish party focused on “sustainability” which featured a private concert from Sting.

And then the following day, Microsoft announced that they would be laying off roughly 10,000 employees.

In the last year alone, Microsoft stock has dipped by over 18%, which forced Microsoft to make this painful decision.

Yet, those at the top are partying it up like there is no tomorrow.

Regarding the layoffs, Breitbart News reported “The new layoffs by Microsoft will reduce the company’s headcount by less than five percent. Employees affected by the layoffs are expected to find out whether or not they’ve been let go at some point this week.”

Breitbart added “Microsoft shares increased in value slightly at the U.S. open following the announcement. Employees that are eligible for benefits will receive severance above market price, health care, and stock vesting for six months and will be notified 60 days before their work ends.”

Microsoft Executives should be ashamed of themselves

The lavish party that Microsoft executives threw while their employees suffered is a prime example of the rot that is occurring in Silicon Valley.

Big Tech elites like Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos simply do not give a damn about the people who work for them.

Moving forward, it does not appear as if things will improve for Big Tech anytime soon.

Years of mismanagement, poor business practices, corporate rot, and bowing down to the woke mob has led to thousands of layoffs and massive revenue loss.

It is hard to feel bad for Big Tech, especially after it has been revealed that many Big Tech companies worked directly with the federal government to silence conservatives.

Microsoft employees should be furious about the private party that executives threw the day before laying off 10,00 employees.

That lavish party proves that Microsoft executives do not give a damn about the people that work for them. In the long run, this sort of mentality will bite them back.

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