Big Tech isn’t letting the GOP criticize Joe Biden’s new executive order

If it wasn’t already obvious, the 2020 election cemented the fact that Big Tech is in bed with the Democrat Party. 

And since then, the two have only become more emboldened in their partnership. 

Now, Big Tech has stopped Republicans from even criticizing President Joe Biden’s new executive order. 

With a stroke of a pen, President Joe Biden went above and beyond his Constitutional powers and wiped away hundreds of billions of dollars in student loan debts. 

The $10,000, or $20,000 if the borrower received a pell grant, so-called “debt forgiveness,” is being paid for by American workers to the tune of an estimated $2,000 each. 

That’s plumbers and truck drivers paying for the degrees of lawyers and IRS agents. 

That’s people who sacrificed and saved to pay off their obligations paying for the partying past of student loan freeloaders. 

In fact, current Purdue University President and former Governor of Indiana, Mitch Daniels, while a guest on Cavuto: Coast to Coast, called the move a cynically political reward to the wealthy. 

“It’s regressive, and it rewards wealthy or eventually wealthy people at the expense of those less well off,” Daniels said. “It’s grossly unfair to those who lived up to their responsibilities or never went to college at all. It’s grotesquely expensive and will aggravate our already terrifying national debt picture.”

Estimates have Biden’s executive order costing anywhere between $350-Billion to more than $1-Trillion – with many economists agreeing the likely number will land somewhere in the $800-Billion neighborhood.

It’s possibly the largest transfer of wealth from one party’s voters to the other party’s voters in the history of the United States.  

And what’s more, it’s a blatant attempt to buy the votes of recent grads and current students as the 2022 Midterm elections draw near. 

However, don’t try saying any of that on social media – it might get you deplatformed. 

The Republican House Judiciary Committee was censored on Facebook when it tried to post a criticism of President Biden’s unfair student loan handout. 

The Big Tech conglomerate flagged the post and blocked others from viewing it – claiming the post violated the platform’s so-called “community standards.”

After being blasted with backlash, Facebook reversed its decision, said the post doesn’t violate their policies and called the entire mix up an error. 

But Republicans, sick of the same old excuses, are saying, “not so fast, Facebook.” 

“This is yet another example of how Big Tech is working in coordination with the Biden Administration to suppress information they don’t like,” said Republican Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin. “Big Tech platforms have been using the label of ‘misinformation’ in order to slander and censor any voices that are critical of the Biden Administration.”

“It’s always a ‘glitch’ when it comes to Republicans and Big Tech,” said MAGA Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio – the top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee. “No one’s buying it.”

Keep in mind, the post would have received the most attention – thereby getting the GOP message out to the most people – when the story was new and fresh. 

Having it removed, only to be called an error and put back up later, costs the Republican message on an important topic, tens of thousands, potentially millions of eyeballs. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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