Big Tech is trying to save Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi with this underhanded scheme

Democrats have always been able to count on Big Tech.

With the midterms approaching, Big Tech has a nasty surprise for conservatives.

Now, they’re trying to save Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi with this underhanded scheme.

While social media gets the most attention, email is the backbone of any modern political campaign.

Email gives the ability for candidates to communicate directly to their supporters, bypassing the censorship of social media platforms.

Conservative candidates use email for the fundamentals of any campaign: fundraising, recruiting volunteers and get out the vote efforts.

Google’s Gmail has become one of the biggest email services in the country with millions of users accounting for about 35% of emails received.

But Google has been one of the most left-wing companies in Big Tech.

A recent study from North Carolina State University proved the tech titan’s bias against conservatives.

The study set up new email accounts from major email providers like Gmail and subscribed to a variety of political emails from candidates and causes across the political spectrum.

“(Gmail) mark emails with similar features from the candidates of one political affiliation as spam while it does not mark similar emails from the candidates of the other political affiliation as spam,” the study stated.

They found that “Gmail marked 59.3% more emails from the right candidates as spam compared to the left candidates.”

Google of course denied any wrongdoing, claiming that all decisions to mark an email as spam come from its secretive spam detection algorithm.

With campaign season for the midterm elections heating up, a group of Republican senators met with Google’s chief legal officer Kent Walker to discuss the results of the study.

Politico reports that meeting between Walker and the Republican senators “grew unusually tense.”

“The lunch was spirited,” said Ted Cruz.

“Google deflected, refused to provide any data, repeatedly refused to answer direct questions,” Cruz added.

Google again denied any bias against conservatives.

“We appreciated the opportunity to speak with Senators yesterday and are always open to feedback on our services,” said Google spokesperson Julie Tarallo McAlister.

“There is no political bias in how Gmail deals with spam — it applies the same rules to all bulk emails,” said Tarallo McAlister.

With a tough election on the horizon for the Left, Google is dropping the hammer on Republicans to give congressional Democrats a boost.

Rerouting conservative emails to spam cuts off vital small dollar grassroots fundraising that are essential to many Republican campaigns.

With more election meddling from Google, this is another reason for conservatives to hold their feet to the fire. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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