Big Tech is attacking conservatives with an alarming new tactic

Democrats are becoming increasingly in favor of censorship.

And they’re leaning on private companies to do their bidding.

Now Big Tech is attacking conservatives with an alarming new tactic.

Donald Trump’s banishment from all major social media platforms should’ve served as a wake-up call.

Since then, Big Tech censorship has only gotten worse.

Facebook upheld its permanent suspension of Trump, and now Big Tech is silencing conservatives by going after payment processors.

Rebel Media, a right-of-center news outlet based in Canada, announced that PayPal was banning them from using their services.

Rebel Media founder Ezra Levant said, “PayPal, the online credit card processor just cut off Rebel News . . . This could actually destroy us. We use PayPal to process a million dollars a year. That covers half our staff payroll.”

Levant’s personal account was also shut down.

He posted a video that showed email correspondence from PayPal, and they did not offer any explanation for the suspension.

The reason is obvious: Rebel holds conservative views.

It’s the same reason why Lila Rose’s pro-life organization has been banned and labeled as “pornography” on Pinterest.

Big Tech is enforcing the Left’s political agenda by shutting down anyone who disagrees.

Other conservative individuals and organizations have been banned by PayPal and other payment services such as Patreon.

Author Robert Spencer, who runs the organization Jihad Watch, was banned from PayPal and blocked by MasterCard for the crime of reporting on Islamic extremism.

Conservative activist Laura Loomer has been banned from nearly every service, including her bank.

Conservatives and libertarians are scrambling to get around Big Tech’s biggest chokepoints.

The server problem is being solved as competitors to Amazon Web Services crop up, but Google and Apple dominate the smartphone market.

If they don’t allow apps on their phones, that’s a big chokepoint for some companies.

That and the payment processor issue are the two biggest hurdles to getting around Big Tech censorship.

A free speech-minded entrepreneur could potentially disrupt the smartphone market, but building a parallel banking system is a tall task.

Although cryptocurrency could be the innovation that breaches the establishment firewall.

Nevertheless, conversations that the Left does not want to happen will continue, and innovate minds will develop work-arounds.

If the Democrats had their way, Chinese Communist Party-level authoritarianism and censorship would be implemented in America.

But the harder the establishment tries to censor voices, the more dissidents they create.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story. 


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