Big Tech companies are turning over data to one authoritarian country for this shocking reason

The dangers of Big Tech are finally under the microscope.

Americans now understand the considerable power Big Tech firms have.

Now Big Tech companies are turning over data to one authoritarian country for this shocking reason.

Apple took a controversial stance on privacy and refused to help the FBI unlock a terrorist’s iPhone, but Apple’s principled position was betrayed by what they’re doing in China.

Apple is essentially working at the behest of the Chinese Communist Party by allowing them to collect data on its citizens and censor content.

The Daily Wire reports:

Apple plans to store user data at centers in Guiyang, China — and another in the Inner Mongolia region — after largely ceding “control to the Chinese government.” This involves Chinese state management of the computers, the abandonment of encryption technology not permitted by the Chinese regime, and “digital keys that unlock information on those computers” being held in the very “data centers they’re meant to secure.”

“But to stay on the right side of Chinese regulators, his company has put the data of its Chinese customers at risk and has aided government censorship in the Chinese version of its App Store,” the report said of Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO.

One wonders if Americans’ data is at risk, too, because the CCP requires one party member at the executive level of any company operating within the country.

China is notorious for stealing intellectual property and creating their own knock-off versions of tech companies.

Apple has also shown a willingness to behave in fascist ways in the United States.

Along with Google, Apple booted Twitter competitor Parler from the app store, which was a devastating blow to the company.

Apple and Google have a stranglehold on the smartphone market, so not having an app on their phones puts a social media site at a major disadvantage.

Apple also participated in the banishment of Donald Trump, who is not allowed on any social media sites.

Big Tech has been allowed to fly under the radar for a long time, but these Silicon Valley oligarchs have made the decision to actively enter the political arena.

Now that they’ve been dragged out in the open, they’re getting the scrutiny they deserve.

Companies that behave irresponsibly should be held to account, which could lead to more ethical competitors trying to be disruptors.

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