Big news for Trump will send Democrats into meltdown

Donald Trump has been at war with Big Media and Big Tech for years.

His suspension from every major social media platform was a shocking escalation in the culture wars.

But Trump got some news that will send Democrats into meltdown.

Donald Trump is back.

Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, announced that Trump has been permitted to return to the platform.

In light of the Capitol Hill riot on January 6, Facebook and every other major platform booted Trump, a move that even unsettled even some of his harshest critics.

Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is no fan of Trump, put out a statement saying that it was dangerous for a social media company to silence the sitting President of the United States.

But over two years later, Meta announced that Trump can post on the platform.

Trump account restored with “guardrails”

The company said in a statement, “We are bringing Mr. Trump back in the coming weeks with certain guardrails, applicable to any public figures suspended for certain violations during times of civil unrest.”

Ahead of January 6, Donald Trump told people to protest “peacefully and patriotically,” and later told them to go home after some rioters stormed the Capitol building and attacked officers.

Nevertheless, Democrats and many of their media allies spent the last two years spinning the narrative that Trump not only incited the riot, but he planned it ahead of time in order to somehow orchestrate a coup.

January 6 Committee closed up shop without proving Trump culpability beyond doubt

Nancy Pelosi’s January 6th House Select Committee was unable to build that case, and now Trump is allowed back on the platform.

Trump responded on Truth Social, “Such a thing should never again happen to a sitting president or anybody else who is not deserving of retribution.”

Meta’s announcement comes months after Elon Musk reinstated Trump’s Twitter account.

Although Musk and others have tempted Trump to return to the platform that helped him win the presidency in 2016, Trump has yet to take the bait and resume tweeting, likely because he has a financial stake in Truth Social and he does not want to torpedo his own platform.

Meta also said that it could de-boost Trump content that “contributes to the sort of risk that materialized on January 6th, such as content that delegitimizes an upcoming election or is related to QAnon.”

At this point, the only people talking about QAnon are Democrats.

When Trump was in office, he was asked about QAnon, and knew nothing about it.

With Big Tech platforms hurting financially and laying off thousands of workers, the move to bring back Trump is likely not motivated by a free speech principle.

Facebook wants him to drive traffic to the site.

Trump – and other conservatives, and silenced, counter-narrative voices who get accounts restored – may not have the same reach as leftist accounts when their accounts are reactivated.

After all, there’s still wide-suspicion of shadowbans in effect.

That’s true, even reportedly on Twitter, where Elon Musk is working to ensure Twitter lives up to his commitment to free speech.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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