Biden’s speech czars are quaking with fear over their top propaganda outlet getting slapped with this lawsuit in federal court

The Biden administration is propped up by control of the narrative.

The Left’s allies in Big Tech and media see to that.

Biden’s speech czars are quaking with fear over this top propaganda outlet getting slapped with this lawsuit in federal court. 

Leftist tech and media more than doubled up on duties as water carriers for the Democrat Party when Biden was selected for the nomination. 

And Twitter is one of the establishment’s most troubling weapons.

The social media site bends over backwards to attack counter-narrative voices and even silence them.

But independent journalist and author Alex Berensonis is going after Twitter.

Berenson has been one of the most important voices critiquing the COVID regime’s constant lies, with his data-driven approach to attacking the falsehoods from approved COVID voices like Dr. Anthony Fauci and his political pals.

The establishment doesn’t like that and Berenson was permanently banned from Twitter and now continues his work on Substack.

But he’s not taking Twitter’s ban lying down.

Berenson is suing Twitter in federal court for wrongfully booting him from the platform.

From Breitbart:

Author and independent journalist Alex Berenson is suing Twitter in federal court for permanently blacklisting his account over a tweet questioning the effectiveness of existing coronavirus vaccines. Berenson was permanently banned from the left-wing Big Tech platform in August after stating that existing vaccines did not stop infection or transmission of coronavirus.

Berenson’s words were true.

Even members of the corporate-controlled press are now admitting that fact.

CNN reporter Chris Cillizza had a long Twitter thread lamenting the fact that vaccines don’t stop people from contracting or passing COVID.

Breitbart continued:

The lawsuit states that Berenson’s claims about the vaccine were true. The legal complaint claims: “It is undisputed that vaccinated persons can contract and spread COVID-19”…

Berenson’s lawyers also argue that Twitter responded to U.S. government demands in taking down his account, citing the “The extraordinarily close nexus between the July 2021 statements by senior executive branch officials—including President Biden himself—calling for censorship by such companies and Twitter’s corresponding immediate actions against Mr. Berenson.”

There has been very clear collusion between the government, corporate-controlled media, and Big Tech.

Meanwhile, federal employees paid for with Americans’ tax dollars like Dr. Fauci, who heads the NIAID, and Dr. Francis Collins of the NIH conspired to attack the credibility of epidemiologists doing important work to get to the truth, like those behind the Great Barrington Declaration.

Collins wrote:

“This proposal from the three fringe epidemiologists who met with the Secretary seems to be getting a lot of attention — and even a co-signature from Nobel Prize winner Mike Leavitt at Stanford. There needs to be a quick and devastating published takedown of its premises. I don’t see anything like that on line yet — is it underway?”

That shows clear intent to sideline any counter-narrative voices.

In a perfect world, the truth is an absolute defense, so Berenson should win.

But unfortunately in Clownworld, anything goes.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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