Biden’s Secretary of Defense just got humiliated live-on-air by this top Trump ally

Democrats long ago rejected Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump’s philosophy of peace through strength.

But Americans are horrified by the new never-ending socialist wars and woke speech police, Democrats want to replace it.

So, this top Trump ally just humiliated Biden’s Secretary of Defense live-on-air. 

President Joe Biden and his Secretary of Defense are hell-bent on replacing the US’s proud peace through strength tradition with socialism and wokeism in the military. 

Nothing will make a foreign leader think twice about attacking a country more than a military that spends more time training soldiers about intersectionality and correct use of gender pronouns than it does how to shoot machine guns and fly bombers. 

Top Trump ally Congressman Matt Gaetz decided to call out Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin to explain what Pentagon priorities should be, during a recent hearing. 

“Why should American taxpayers fund lectures at the National Defense University that promote socialism as a strategy to combat China,” Rep. Gaetz asked President Biden’s Defense Secretary. 

Austin denied knowledge of any such speeches. 

However, Rep. Gaetz didn’t buy what the Secretary was selling. 

“That’s surprising, because it was nationally reported,” Rep. Gaetz retorted. “The National Defense University had Thomas Piketty come, and this was the title of his lecture, ‘Responding to China, the Case for Global Justice and Democratic Socialism’. So now that you know that they did this, would you agree that embracing socialism is not an effective way of addressing China?” 

Through his stumbling words, Austin seemed to show he does agree with Rep. Gaetz that propping up socialism isn’t the best way to counteract a deadly Communist dictatorship in Red China. 

But that doesn’t explain why woke socialist author Thomas Piketty was invited to be a keynote speaker for our troops’ rising commanding officers to learn from. 

Rep. Gaetz insisted the National Defense University should be teaching about strategies to combat our enemies and how to make accurate intelligence assessments. 

However, Sec. Austin again pleaded ignorance, saying he didn’t know the context of Piketty’s lecture. 

Once again, that answer didn’t sit well with the Congressman from Pensacola. 

“Mr. Secretary, I’ve shared with you the context,” Gaetz replied. “The context wasn’t ‘better understanding socialism so we can defeat it.’ The context wasn’t ‘learn about it so we can offer countermeasures.’ The context was that it is time for socialism.” 

Rep. Gaetz then dropped bombshell evidence supporting the context for his claim – the lecture was pulled from Thomas Piketty’s book, titled A Time for Socialism. 

Despite the evidence, Secretary Austin still maintained he and Pentagon brass don’t embrace socialism. 

Rep. Gaetz doesn’t believe military leaders under President Biden are properly prioritizing. 

He points out the U.S. military is behind China in hypersonics, it failed to deter Russia from invading Ukraine, it let the Taliban take over Afghanistan, and it’s allowing North Korea shatter prior missile testing records. 

“While everyone else in the world seems to be developing more capabilities and being more strategic, we got time to embrace Critical Race Theory at West Point, to embrace socialism at the National Defense University, to do mandatory pronoun training.”

Rep. Gatez concludes saying if the Biden administration continues down this path, America’s military will go from a force to be reckoned with to a laughingstock on the world stage. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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