Biden’s radical science agenda is being bankrolled by one infuriating source – and it’s not Big Pharma

Joe Biden was blowing smoke when he said he would be a moderate president and the radical staff and policies of his administration prove it.

But who is behind this secret Biden administration science program may be Biden’s most radical scheme yet.

Because Biden’s radical science agenda is being bankrolled by one infuriating source – and it’s not Big Pharma.

Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter has been a massive win for free speech.

While Musk is far from perfect, he has done a lot for the cause of liberty by exposing the deep connections between the federal government and Big Tech platforms with the Twitter Files dispatches.

But Twitter is only one company; many other tech giants are entangled with the federal government.

Biden regime scientists reportedly “well aware” that Ex-Google boss paying for their play

And former Google CEO Eric Schmidt is paying for key positions within the Biden administration focusing on AI or artificial intelligence.

POLITICO reported that an “investigation found that members of the administration are well aware that a significant amount of the money for the salaries of [Federation of American Scientists]’s fellows comes from Schmidt’s research and investment firm, Schmidt Futures, and that the organization was critical to the program to fund administration jobs. In fact, the influence of Schmidt Futures at FAS is such that they are sometimes conflated. Thus, some close observers of AI policy believe that Schmidt is using the program to enhance his clout within the administration and to advance his AI agenda. ‘Schmidt is clearly trying to influence AI policy to a disproportionate degree of any person I can think of,’ said Alex Engler, a fellow at the Brookings Institution who specializes in AI policy. ‘We’ve seen a dramatic increase in investment toward advancing AI capacity in government and not much in limiting its harmful use.’”

The push toward artificial intelligence should be alarming for all.

AI allows for more centralized control, which is the direction the Chinese Communist Party is moving.

Google even worked on Project Dragonfly for China, which was a search engine with severe privacy concerns that was ultimately scrapped amid backlash.

The other emerging technology is blockchain, which is decentralized.

Cryptocurrencies use blockchain technologies to protect user privacy, so it’s no surprise that governments are anxious to get into the crypto game with fedcoins.

A White House spokesperson said, “Neither Eric Schmidt nor the Federation of American Scientists exert influence on policy matters…Any suggestion otherwise is false. We enacted the most stringent ethics guidelines of any administration in history to ensure our policy processes are free from undue influence.”

But the credibility of the federal government, particularly the Biden White House, is at an all-time low.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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