Bidens’ mandate for a make-believe drug just got a huge boost from a massive company

Biden’s vaccine bait and switch was always designed to pull the wool over Americans eyes.

It’s always relied on press releases to convince companies and the public to go along.

And you’ll be shocked at the huge boost Biden’s mandate for a make-believe drug got from this massive company.

A huge company is doing something terrible to employees.

In addition to indulging the censorship whims of the establishment, Big Tech companies are enforcing Joe Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate.

The reality is comirnaty, the FDA-approved version of Pfizer’s failing therapeutic “vaccine” is not available in the United States.

Even if it were, Biden’s mandates on private-sector individuals should still be absolutely illegal.

Despite that, Intel just became the latest company to punish employees who do not relent and get the COVID vaccine.

From Breitbart:

“Intel, the world’s leading producer of microchips, has told employees they will be forced into unpaid leave if they are not fully vaccinated by the company’s deadline of January 4, or fail to provide a religious or medical exemption. Workers who fail to meet the requirements will be put on unpaid leave beginning in April, although the company will still consider exemption requests up to March 15.”

The vaccines have only been approved for emergency use authorization, yet they’re still being mandated by the federal government.

What the COVID regime—led by Dr. Anthony Fauci—is doing to the American people is truly unconscionable.

People should not be forced to undergo an experimental medical procedure in order to keep their jobs.

While vaccine injury may be rare, it still happens, but companies and drug manufacturers have been given exemptions from litigation.

So people who have an adverse reaction have no legal recourse.

However, the tide could slowly be turning.

Some companies are pushing back and filing lawsuits against Biden’s ridiculous mandate.

But there are still too many employers that are complying.

Breitbart continued:

“Another major company, supermarket chain Kroger Co., initially promised paid leave to unvaccinated employees before backtracking on the decision. Southwest Airlines initially planned to put unvaccinated employees with pending exemptions on unpaid leave after December 8, but backed down in the face of employee protests which coincided with the cancellation of hundreds of flights.”

The Democrats and their media allies fear-mongered about COVID in 2020 in order to get Biden elected.

But now that Biden is president, his promise to crush the virus has not—and will not—come true.

According to polls, Biden is now slightly under water on the issue of COVID.

Americans have pandemic fatigue; even blue state residents are attempting to get back to normal.

Biden and the public health officials want to keep the forever-pandemic going, but a breaking point could be on the horizon.

Democrats might get the message with the impending red wave in the midterms.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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