Biden’s DHS just made this outrageous comparison between white Americans and the Taliban

The Biden-Harris administration is out to take down anyone to the right of Barack Obama.

They continue to smear and censor those whose views don’t align with the radical Left in hopes of getting all Americans to fall in line with the Democrat party.

And now Joe Biden’s DHS just made this outrageous comparison between white Americans and the Taliban.

Joe Biden essentially armed the Taliban with $84 billion worth of American military equipment, making them one of the most well-equipped fighting forces on the face of the planet.

But the Biden administration isn’t worried about the potential blowback that may cause.

Instead, they’re worried about white Americans.

CNN obtained audio of a call between the head of the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis, John Cohen, and local and state law enforcement.

In the call, Cohen claimed that by decrying Joe Biden’s Afghanistan debacle, white Americans essentially support the Taliban and are poised to carry out domestic terror attacks at any moment.

But according to sources, the FBI is actually having to manufacture numbers to show “domestic terrorism” by “white extremists” because it’s so rare.

The government is making up information to scare the American people into believing anyone with a conservative belief is a threat to national security.

CNN pushed the propaganda on social media even further stating:

As the United States-backed government in Afghanistan fell to the Taliban and US troops raced to leave the country, White supremacist and anti-government extremists have expressed admiration for what the Taliban accomplished, a worrying development for US officials who have been grappling with the threat of domestic violent extremism.

That praise has also been coupled with a wave of anti-refugee sentiment from far-right groups, as the US and others rushed to evacuate tens of thousands of people from Afghanistan by the Biden administration’s August 31 deadline.

John Cohen, top counterterrorism official at DHS, says there are concerns that whites will retaliate violently against the relocation of Afghans to the US because they believe it would lead to a loss of control and authority by white Americans.

“There are concerns that those narratives may incite violent activities directed at immigrant communities, certain faith communities, or even those who are relocated to the United States,” Cohen stated.

The radical Left wants to destroy anything and anyone that stands for faith, freedom and the American way.

And they have no problem lying – and dividing our nation on racial lines – to accomplish that goal.

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