Biden SecDef Lloyd Austin is furious over what one Senator said about purging the military

Joe Biden has been a colossal failure on multiple fronts.

His policies and actions are actively making the country weaker.

And Biden SecDef Lloyd Austin is furious over what one Senator said about purging the military.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has overseen the Biden administration’s biggest military failures.

Joe Biden’s policies and actions are actively making the country weaker.

Some of his biggest failures have come within the military where Biden administration Secretary of Defense, and former Raytheon board member, Lloyd Austin is at the helm.

One Republican senator is trying to stop Biden and Austin from doing something unthinkable to the military.

Despite the Supreme Court striking down Joe Biden’s unconstitutional COVID vaccine mandate trying to strong-arm businesses into coercing their employees to get the jab, Biden’s vaccine mandate for federal employees was allowed to stand.

And the armed forces have been deeply affected.

Tens of thousands of service members are unvaccinated, and their military status is in serious jeopardy.

But Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) is doing what she can to stand by the service members under Biden’s thumb.

Blackburn said, “Our service members are the bedrock of America…Firing 40,000 Guardsmen for refusing the COVID vaccine would be both a complete disgrace and a threat to our national security. I am honored to stand beside our National Guardsmen and women by introducing this legislation to protect them from President Biden’s forever pandemic.”

As Blackburn pointed out, the “forever pandemic” is still in full effect for National Guardsmen.

Even ardent vaccine proponent Bill Gates admitted that the Omicron variant essentially ended COVID.

Gates said, “Sadly, the virus itself, particularly, the variant called Omicron, is a type of vaccine, that is it creates both B-cell and T-cell immunity, and it’s done a better job getting out to the world population than we have with vaccines.”

Yet young and healthy members of the armed forces are being squeezed out.

Senator Blackburn and Tennessee Governor Bill Lee are working on legislation to protect service members in their state, but the problem is nationwide.

The Daily Wire reported that data shows “approximately 30% of the guardsmen in six different states and more than 10% still in 43 other states still need the shot. Roughly 7,000 have asked for exemptions, mainly for religious purposes, and about 14,000 soldiers simply refused to bow down to the mandate altogether.”

As of July 1, members of the Army National Guard and Army Reserve refusing the COVID-19 vaccination may no longer participate in federally funded drills and training and will not receive pay or retirement credit, according to a statement from the Army.

Some have argued that the vaccine mandates are more about compliance and ideological purity tests.

People who refuse to get the jab, particularly for religious reasons, are more likely to hold conservative values.

As soon as Biden took office, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin issued a stand-down order for the armed forces to investigate “extremism” in the military.

Anyone who opposes the Democrat order runs the risk of being labeled an extremist, and being “anti-vax” fits the criteria.

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