Biden made one stunning announcement that has American kids pulling into a meat grinder on the brink of all-out conflict

The White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Joe Biden has been a disaster on the international stage.

His feebleness has invited aggression from hostile actors.

And Biden made one stunning announcement that has American kids pulling into a meat grinder on the brink of all-out conflict.

The despicable Hamas terror attacks against Israeli civilians have already spun into a larger conflict.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that his country was “at war” in Gaza against Hamas terrorists.

And U.S. troops could be drawn into the conflict.

According to Axios, the Biden administration sent a Marine General to advise the land offensive in Gaza, and there’s a real possibility that American boots on the ground could be next.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby announced, “The president has added additional military forces to the region and more forces will be coming in days and weeks ahead to try to deter any actor from widening or deepening this conflict.”

There were signs that a bigger troop deployment was on the horizon, as crew members on an aircraft carrier were served steak and lobster.

Warmongers are already itching for escalation, both in the Middle East and Ukraine.

That’s why Senator Lindsey Graham chastised a NewsMax correspondent for asking a question about Rashida Tlaib blaming Israel for a hospital bombing that never happened.

During a bipartisan event in Tel Aviv, Graham snapped at reporter Daniel Cohen and said, “Stop. No. We are here together, not to talk about the problems at home, which are many. I’ve got my own view of what to say. You’re not gonna screw this up.”

Cohen pushed back and Graham responded, “Get this guy outta here.”

Outside of the one time he blew up during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, the only time Graham gets upset is when someone gets in the way of one of his international arms deals.

Graham’s attitude revealed the true nature of the establishment; they work together to get rich off of taxpayers, and anyone who might “screw this up” is a threat.

That’s why Donald Trump is so hated by the establishment of both parties.

As for the Middle East, Graham already has his sights set on Iran.

The country has long been a target of the foreign policy establishment.

Now is the time for a strong American president, not one who has to be stage-managed by his handlers every step of the way.

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