Biden is allowing communist China to do one thing that will make your blood boil

Joe Biden has been a terrible President.

His handling of foreign policy has arguably been worse than his handling of the economy.

Now Biden is allowing communist China to do one thing that will make your blood boil.

When the United States opened up relations with China in the 1970s, the idea was that China would become more western, but the opposite happened.

Although China has somewhat embraced the power of free markets, the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) censorship and surveillance has been exported to the West.

CCP allowed to set up stations in North American cities

Joe Biden and the international Left have adopted CCP-style political tactics, so it’s no surprise that China is effectively being allowed to run police actions on foreign soil.

According to a human rights watchdog group named Safeguard Defenders, the CCP has been running “overseas police service stations” in many cities around the world, including New York City and Toronto.

In a report titled “110 Overseas: Chinese Transnational Policing Gone Wild,” Safeguard Defenders wrote, “These operations eschew official bilateral police and judicial cooperation and violate the international rule of law, and may violate the territorial integrity in third countries involved in setting up a parallel policing mechanism using illegal methods.”

These stations can be used to spy on Chinese nationals living abroad.

Many colleges in the United States shut down Confucius Institutes, which were allegedly being used to recruit professors and surveil Chinese students attending American universities.

The overseas stations are another way for the CCP to expand its censorship and surveillance.

Fox News reported that “Europe is home to most of the police stations, with locations spread across the continent in places such as London, Amsterdam, Prague, Budapest, Athens, Paris, Madrid and Frankfurt. North America is also home to four of the stations, with three locations in Toronto and one in New York City. In all, there are 54 such stations in 30 different countries. The report details how China has attempted to ‘combat the growing issue of fraud and telecommunication fraud by Chinese nationals living abroad,’ running operations that have resulted in 230,000 Chinese nationals being ‘persuaded to return’ to China ‘voluntarily’ over the last year to face criminal prosecution.”

Democrats don’t care about democracy

For as much as Biden and other leftists talk about democracy, they yearn for CCP-style control.

Former President Barack Obama and current Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are two world leaders who have lamented the fact that the CCP can snap its fingers and effectively do whatever it wants to the citizenry.

The so-called services provided by these overseas stations have traditionally been done by foreign embassies.

The Safeguard Defenders report added, “As these operations continue to develop, and new mechanisms are set up, it is evident that countries governed by the standards set by universal human rights and the rule of law urgently need to investigate these practices to identify the (local) actors at work, mitigate the risks and effectively protect the growing number of those targeted.”

Sadly, the Democrats are becoming more and more like the CCP. 

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