Biden DOD officials are in a full-blown panic for good reason after this potentially game-changing blockbuster

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The world sits on the edge of WWIII and crime is on the rise all across the nation, as America’s southern border is in a state of crisis.

Joe Biden’s administration has doubled down on its claim that “misinformation” and supposed MAGA extremists domestic terrorists pose the biggest threat to the safety of Americans.

But now Biden DOD officials are in a full-blown panic for good reason, after this potentially game-changing blockbuster.

The Biden administration has invested heavily in preventing the spread of what they call “misinformation.”

The federal government’s massive investment in “misinformation” prevention has started backfiring

Beginning in 2020 with the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, the federal government began investing heavily in so-called misinformation prevention.

However, it did not take long for the American public to sour on this misinformation campaign, after seeing many knowledgeable individuals face censorship for espousing educated opinions that did not fall in line with the federal government’s prevailing theories.

So-called “misinformation” campaigns persisted after COVID subsided, with anybody who dared speak out against the Joe Biden administration facing censorship.

But following the release of the Twitter Files last year, it became evident that the federal government played a direct role in censoring these hostile voices, working with social media platforms such as X and Facebook, to advance the Joe Biden campaign and administration.

The federal government faces a fresh new lawsuit from the independent website Consortium News, which is suing the Department of Defense and the company Newsguard Technologies.

According to Consortium News, the independent “misinformation” monitoring company Newsguard Technologies was contacted by the Department of Defense to effectively censor Consortium and other independent outlet’s news content.

More specifically, the Department of Defense awarded Newsgaurd Technologies a $749,387 grant for the purpose of identifying news sites that could pose a threat to the American public.

Newsguard Technologies produced a series of warnings, similar to a nutrition facts label, which seemed to target some news sources while promoting other news sources like CBS News.

In its lawsuit against the DOD and Newsguard Technologies, Consortium News alleges that, “In the course of the government contract, NewsGuard and the United States have acted to retaliate against those news entities and media organizations that refuse to retract or correct their articles; such retaliation consists of the “false content” warnings, the red flag and associated content described in this Amended Complaint.”

What this lawsuit could mean for the future of “misinformation” policing

If Consortium News wins its lawsuit against Newsguard Technologies and the Department of Defense, then it could make the federal government’s mission to end so-called “misinformation” much harder.

Already, the federal government has faced a number of intense legal blows over its various censorship schemes, and this lawsuit has the potential to set a powerful precedent regarding the government’s role in monitoring the internet.

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