Biden and top allies are furious after this one truth put everything in jeopardy

Joe Biden’s allies in the corporate-controlled media, Silicon Valley, and the teachers unions helped put him in the White House.

When they saw the impact of their collusion, they teamed up on a plan for permanent political power.

Now, Biden and top allies are furious after this one truth put everything in jeopardy. 

Nearly two years from the 2020 elections, it couldn’t be more clear who Joe Biden has to thank for putting him in the White House.

Big Tech and Big Labor supplied an army of foot soldiers to get out the vote with tech titan Mark Zuckerberg providing much of the funding for a shadow get out the vote operation in key Democrat jurisdictions.

But the biggest gift of all may have been the corporate-controlled press and Big Tech shooting down news of Hunter Biden’s scandals right before the election.

Twitter locked The New York Post out of its account for publishing the story, and barred it from being shared privately through direct message.

And Facebook did the same as the so-called mainstream media dismissed it as “Russian disinformation,” including one person who’s responsible for being a media watchdog.

But now, one of Big Tech and the media’s top “fact checkers” has egg on their face over Hunter’s laptop story after The New York Times admitted that The New York Post’s Hunter Biden “laptop from hell” bombshell report was true.

What’s more, The New York Times’ admission 17 months later could impact one plan the establishment Left had to use Big Tech, Big Media, and Big Labor to gain permanent political power.

When the Hunter laptop story came out, Steven Brill, co-founder of the news rating product NewsGuard, said, “My personal opinion is there’s a high likelihood this story is a hoax, maybe even a hoax perpetrated by the Russians again.”

NewsGuard is supposed to be an objective company that honestly determines which news sites are trustworthy and which ones are not, so it’s disconcerting when the company’s co-founder is clearly a partisan left-wing hack.

There was zero evidence that the story was “Russian disinformation,” but the entire corporate-controlled media ran with that narrative, and NewsGuard did not down-boost them for the unfounded claim.

The actual purpose of NewsGuard and other so-called objective fact-checkers is to boost legacy media and left-wing outlets while down-boosting Conservative news sites.

But it’s not just about before an election.

NewsGuard is also a long play designed to bias the next generation of young people who do not automatically hold The New York Times in high esteem.

That’s why teachers’ unions have teamed up with Brill to attack “misinformation.”

“[T]he concern over the AFT’s [American Federation of Teachers] agenda became far greater when it announced that it would team up with NewsGuard to start to flag news sources deemed ‘misinformation,’” pundit and legal expert Jonathan Turley recently wrote of the plan.

Turley noted “Conservative sites have previously tagged NewGuard as ‘heavily skewed’ in favor of the left. The ‘misinformation’ label has been used extensively by liberal media to kill stories like the Hunter Biden laptop stories as unreliable. Indeed, Brill is under fire for being one of the voices falsely claiming that the Hunter Biden laptop was likely false Russian disinformation. His company will now put ‘traffic lights’ on information for children on what sources they rely upon.”

Randi Weingarten, head of the American Federation of Teachers, is eager to have NewsGuard used in schools across the country to pre-emptively bias kids against the Right.

Turley added that the “ratings of NewsGuard have long been criticized by conservative sites as favoring liberal sites like The Nation (with a 93 percent rating) over more conservative sites like Fox News (at 66 percent).”

The Hunter Biden laptop scandal exposed the rot that has taken place in legacy media, and leftists are attempting to double down on the dishonesty by roping fact-checking organizations into their cause.

They’re doing everything they can to indoctrinate the next generation.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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