Biden AG just got lit up by the Congresswoman who booted Liz Cheney

Merrick Garland Photo by The White House via Wikimedia public domain

Joe Biden’s weaponization of the Department of Justice looks worse with each passing day.

Now allegations are swirling of something even more sinister surrounding Merrick Garland and the sweetheart deal for the President’s son Hunter.

But Biden’s AG just got lit up by the Congresswoman who booted Liz Cheney.

It’s more apparent than ever that Wyoming voters did the rest of America a favor

Liz Cheney’s obsession with destroying Donald Trump cost her her Wyoming Congressional seat.

Cheney was blown out of Congress after the 2022 Midterms when she was trounced in her primary against Harriet Hageman.

Now Hagemen has become a devastating weapon in Congress, calling out Joe Biden’s Department of Justice.

AG Merrick Garland just announced that David Weiss would be granted special counsel status in the investigation into Hunter Biden.

On the surface, that might appear to be an act of impartiality, but Weiss is the man who cut a sweetheart plea deal for Hunter Biden that was blown up by a judge who smoked out its absurdity.

DOJ appointment of Hunter Special Prosecutor blasted as coverup

Appointing Weiss as special counsel only helps shield Weiss from answering questions about any malfeasance regarding the Hunter Biden investigation.

And Hageman called out the deal as corrupt.

She told Breitbart, “This is the same guy that gave the sweetheart deal. This is the guy who tried to get Hunter Biden immunity from future prosecutions for violating the law. And the only reason that he was stopped was because the judge smelled the rat and started asking some questions. This is the same guy who took so long to charge Hunter Biden with anything. In the most important tax aspects of the case against him, he allowed the statute of limitations to run. Now he’s either incompetent or he’s in on the deal. There’s no other explanation for it. Under no circumstances should he be the person investigating this.”

Typically special counsel status is given to someone outside the sphere of a legal matter, not someone who investigated the legal matter for years.

Hageman continued, “There are a lot of people who want to make sure that Hunter Biden and the Biden crime family are never exposed for what they are because it has too many tentacles. That’s one thing to keep in mind. I have to say about Hunter Biden, when people say, ‘well, there’s no smoking gun, and you don’t see direct payments made into Joe Biden’s bank account, and how can you say he benefited from this?’ All we have to ask is one simple question, and that is, ‘What was the skill set that Hunter Biden was selling?’ Hunter Biden was, by his own admission, a crackhead from 2003 to 2019, a serious user of drugs — do you think that these companies were hiring him to help them with contract negotiations? Or that he was an expert in employment law in the Ukraine? Or that perhaps he knew how to write very complicated oil and gas agreements between the government and the companies?”

The optics are terrible, but the establishment wants the American people to believe that everything is above board.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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