Biden administration targeted a Navy SEAL for one infuriating reason

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Joe Biden and the Democrats are going after their political enemies.

The United States is quickly venturing into banana republic territory.

And the Biden administration targeted a Navy SEAL for one infuriating reason.

Leftists seem to think it’s healthy to go berserk when their institutional power is threatened.

The nucleus of the Democrat Party is its stranglehold on K-12 education and the universities.

Without a near monopoly on education, the Left would wither.

That’s why the Left became so hysterical when parents began protesting at school board meetings across the country.

Attorney General Merrick Garland even sicced the FBI on protesting parents.

And one parent who’s currently under investigation by the Pentagon is Navy SEAL operator, Bryce Henson.

If the weaponized DOJ targets Seal operator Dad, imagine what’s waiting for the average joe

Henson is being investigated for “possibly participating with, or supporting, extremist causes.”

Henson’s “crime” was allegedly speaking to members of the Proud Boys at a school protest.

The Proud Boys, which started as a silly bar-room frat created by a comedian, has been built into a paramilitary threat by the corporate-controlled media.

Navy spokesman Cmdr. Ben Tisdale explained, “While sailors are always allowed to exercise their rights to freedom of speech and assembly if they follow the law and policy restriction, participation with hate or extremist groups of any kind is contradictory to the core values of the Navy and is not tolerated by [Navy Special Warfare].”

This is why the establishment wants narrative control.

If establishment players can get people or groups labeled extremist, then it justifies police action against them.

Speaking to feds favorite J6 boogeymen

A social media account tied to Henson wrote in a statement that “he is confident that the investigation will vindicate him of any wrongdoing, demonstrating that he has only been a dedicated and responsible father and a hero for knowingly assuming risk to help parents under attack.”

Henson launched the group SoCal Parent Advocates, which fights against “woke” indoctrination in schools.

SoCal Parent Advocates reject Critical Race Theory, which they define as the “belief that America is a racist country whose systems must be torn down. Indoctrinating children to see everything through the lens of race, inadvertently teaching them to be racists.”

The group also rejects radical gender ideology, which it describes as the “coordinated effort by leftists in academia to indoctrinate our children into their radical gender queer ideology which is ultimately harmful to children and violates fundamental parental rights.”

People who push back against insane neo-Marxist and postmodernist ideas are now considered extremists.

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