Biden administration goons are suddenly in a frenzy over tech monopolies

Global elites and the Democrat Party have been more than thrilled to have just a few companies control virtually all of tech and media.

But the rust is starting to flake off that wagon. 

And now Biden administration goons are suddenly in a frenzy over tech monopolies.

Under the Obama administration, Big Tech companies were given a shocking amount of power and wiggle room when it came to skating antitrust laws. 

This has created an environment that permits these companies to wield enormous power over politics, society and popular culture. 

In the case of several major tech companies, including search giant Google, this was a direct result of their financial support of the Obama administration. 

That’s clearly still going on in the Biden administration.

But some in Silicon Valley have signaled they may not march in lockstep with the Left and the Deep State’s every command.

Now, following Elon Musk’s recent purchase of Twitter, the Deep State elites in the Biden administration appear ready to drop the hammer. 

Tech mega companies are happy to use scandals, crisis and regulations to crush competition from smaller firms

The Biden administration’s regulatory goons at the Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice are explicitly declaring they’re prepared to crack down under the guise of antitrust and other regulations. 

Make no mistake, Joe Biden and his cronies are no friends of freedoms, including a free Internet and people saying what they want. 

After all, they have made it their mission to eliminate the very concept of online free speech. 

Big Tech partnering with Biden regulators and academics to crush property rights

Breitbart reported a recent example of Big Tech actually demanding regulation to go after the little guy.

A Google-funded scholar at the The Public Interest Patent Law Institute sent a letter to Biden administration assistant Attorney General Jonathan Kanter to demand antitrust enforcement against a small patent licensing platform called Avanci SEP which licenses wireless technology for automobiles.

The basis of this complaint is the fact that Avanci may increase its “license rates from $15 to $20 per car.”

As Breitbart noted, Trump administration internet advisor Adam Candeub has pointed out in a similar context that Google’s attempts to weaken intellectual property laws are not about  helping “small tech companies compete but letting Big Tech companies ignore the law to continue their dominance.”

Such efforts are scummy and deceitful. 

The Biden administration will likely have no problem scratching their Big Tech pals at Google’s backs by ramping up regulatory warfare against little guys and those who don’t fall in line with the regime’s directives.

But they definitely aren’t about to do anything to help increase competition. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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