Ben Shapiro just took revenge for getting blacklisted

The tide might slowly be turning against cancel culture.

A few deranged far-Left activists have been allowed to punch well above their weight.

But Ben Shapiro just took revenge for getting blacklisted.

Blacklisting one conservative commentator backfired spectacularly for a podcasting conference called Podcast Movement.

The group is under fire for being pathetic cowards.

They sold a booth during their conference to The Daily Wire, one of the biggest podcast networks in the media space.

Everything was fine until at least one deranged activist complained to Podcast Movement that Daily Wire co-founder Ben Shapiro showed up to the event for a few minutes.

According to the “woke” Left, that was unacceptable.

In response to the handful of complaints, Podcast Movement issued a disgusting apology for its “unacceptable” mistake.

But the apology appears to have backfired because Joe Rogan and other big media figures expressed their frustration at the ridiculous move.

Now, Cumulus Media is pulling out of the 2023 conference.

The Daily Caller reported that “Cumulus is the owner of Westwood One, which has nationally syndicated Shapiro’s podcast, ‘The Ben Shapiro Show,’ since 2019 and manages The Daily Wire’s advertising sales…The radio giant said it is ‘dismayed and disappointed’ by the official conference, the Podcast Movement, publicly apologizing for Shapiro’s presence at his outlet’s booth at the annual PM22 exposition held Aug. 24. Cumulus announced in a Tuesday statement that it has canceled its 2023 sponsorship plans for the conference after giving Podcast Movement ‘sufficient time’ to address its statement against Shapiro.”

Organizations like Podcast Movement fear retaliation from the Left because the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Perhaps companies and organizations need to be motivated to remain neutral.

Cumulus Media wrote in a statement, “At Cumulus Media, our tenet is that Every Voice Matters and we support conferences and trade events where differing political viewpoints can be expressed and received with respect…As such, we were dismayed and disappointed by Podcast Movement’s handling of the reaction to our partner, top podcaster, and conservative talk leader Ben Shapiro’s mere presence at Podcast Movement. After giving the leaders of Podcast Movement sufficient time to appropriately address their misstep, we are disassociating from Podcast Movement, including canceling our 2023 sponsorship plans.”

This is what needs to happen if organizations are going to be overwhelmingly partisan.

Conservatives shouldn’t be funding their own subjugation as second-class citizens.

Cancel culture and political correctness have gone way too far.

It’s time to return to some form of normalcy.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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