Beer Execs shocking tweets show this top beer company may be even worse than Bud Light

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Corporate America is not just in bed with the globalist Left, it’s under the covers and in a nightgown.

Recently, Americans have started voting with their wallets and letting the woke corporations know they’ve had enough.

But if you’re boycotting Anheuser-Busch you may need to find a new backup beer after you see this shocking series of tweets and this deleted commercial.

It’s not Miller Time anymore

If you switched from Bud Light to Miller Lite to boycott Anheuser-Busch going woke, you might want to look for a third option.

Millions of Americans are boycotting Anheuser-Busch after the brewing giant decided to earn some social credit score points by going woke.

But now those same hard-working Americans will have to decide if they want to keep drinking Miller Lite.

It turns out, Bud Light is far from the only woke beer on the market.

Miller Lite is now trying to hide its woke history – but the Daily Caller is coming to the party with screen grabs.

Before the Bud Light/Dylan Mulvaney controversy sparked at the end of March, Miller Lite released an ad titled, “Bad Sh** to Good Sh**” – you can watch the full ad in the video above.

The ad blasts the beer industry’s history of using beautiful bikini-clad women to sell sods.

The commercial was so unpopular with Miller fans the company had to almost immediately turn off comments on the clip.

Under Miller’s Chief Marketing Officer, Sofia Colucci, the company also released a can with a rainbow that states “celebrate everyone’s identity,” and features different pronouns.

They apparently even made LGBTQ Pride lapel pins at one point.

And the company even came out with – pardon the pun – a special COVID vaccine tee-shirt.

It turns out Colucci is quite the woke activist herself.

This branding expert forgot what her company’s brand was

A screenshot grabbed by the Daily Caller showed Colucci calling for any Congressman who accepted money from the National Rifle Association to meet with the victims of the Las Vegas shooting.

And the Miller Lite marketer also mourned the loss of both George Floyd and the Obama Presidency at the same time.

Again, Colucci tried to delete these posts from social media, but the Daily Caller’s Henry Rodriguez got to them first.

Anheuser-Busch is still paying a hefty price as one of its top brands, Bud Light is a running joke of a woke meme – all because one of its so-called “social justice warrior”, Vice President of Marketing Alissa Heinerscheid decided to form a partnership with Dylan Mulvaney, a 26-year-old gay man who self-identifies as a prepubescent girl.

Is Miller Lite the next Bud Light?

Heinerscheid was relieved of her duties following her decision to put Mulvaney’s face on a can of Bud Light to commemorate the 365 days of his supposed “girlhood journey.”
It remains to be seen if Miller Lite parent company Molson Coors will stand behind Colucci or show her the door.

But both the Bud Light and Miller Lite controversies should serve as case studies for any other beer companies out there that have woke millennial women running the marketing for a product with a customer base mostly consisting of middle-aged male conservatives.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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