Barack Obama just got caught in one hell of a jaw-dropping lie

America is divided now more than at any time in recent history. 

Now Barack Obama wants to whitewash over years of hateful leftist rhetoric with the tales he’s spinning in his pre-election media tour. 

But Barack Obama got caught in one hell of a jaw-dropping lie. 

The Left is trying desperately to split America into pieces

For many liberals, Barack Obama is their icon.  Not only is Barack Obama a radical liberal, but unlike Joe Biden he can walk the walk and talk the talk. 

However, Barack Obama surprised his liberal admirers when he criticized cancel culture, which is the religion of the far-Left. 

On the Podcast “Pod Save America” former president Barack Obama claimed “Sometimes Democrats are [buzzkills]. Sometimes people just want to not feel as if they are walking on eggshells, and they want some acknowledgment that life is messy and that all of us, at any given moment, can say things the wrong way, make mistakes.”

But what Barack Obama really means here is that liberals often make mistakes when it comes to over policing their own. 

Even if they are being too strict, they are still being good little socialists. 

However, when it comes to the Right, according to Obama, they are unfixable liars. 

“they’re racist, they’re sexist, they’re angry.  And your job is then to just beat them”

These opinions were affirmed in a comment he privately made to some of his big-wig elitist pals this past summer. 

In the conversation revealed in a recent CNN report, Obama said “Sometimes it just turns out they’re mean, they’re racist, they’re sexist, they’re angry.  And your job is then to just beat them because they’re not persuadable.”

This is more along the lines of what Obama really feels, judging by his history.

Even though he took a minor dig at the Left, he is as Left and partisan as it gets. 

At the end of the day, what Obama is really trying to do is put a nice face on the Left’s priority of censoring conservatives. 

This is an ambition shared amongst most of his leftist pals. 

What Barack Obama really wants to do to free speech

There is very little that the Left hates more than free speech. 

These comments about the Left hide the fact that he and his leftist cohorts want to monitor everything Americans have to say and step in to censor anything anyone on the Right says that they don’t like. 

He has made this abundantly clear in a number of previous statements. 

One such statement was given at a recent conference on the “Disinformation and Erosion of Democracy” put on by the liberal magazine The Atlantic.

Obama was asked what Big Tech can do “to make sure that they’re not privileging anger, privileging division and polarization through their algorithms.”

Obama torched the time-honored American tradition of anonymous political speech in his response, saying “In some circumstances, it’s important to preserve anonymity…so that there’s space in repressive societies to discuss issues but as we’ve all learned, it’s a lot harder to be rude, obnoxious, cruel, or lie when somebody knows you’re lying and knows who you are and I think that there may be modifications there that can be made.” 

The former President’s remarks came in April as he began gearing up to save Democrats from their fading fortunes under Biden with yet another censorship push made under the guise of combating so-called mis-and-disinformation.  

“In recent years, we’ve seen how quickly disinformation spreads, especially on social media. This has created real challenges for our democracy,” Obama said in launching the campaign to combat “disinformation” online with the help of his Obama Foundation.

The Left’s biggest force clearly wants speech to be monitored and regulated, especially when it is from people he does not like or agree with. 

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