Barack Obama got triggered into admitting what he really thinks in a chilling new speech

Democrats are scared to death that Elon Musk could take control of Twitter.

They’re bringing out the big guns in an attempt to thwart his efforts.

And Barack Obama got triggered into admitting what he really thinks in a chilling new speech.

Democrats have been angry at Big Tech for not censoring people even more on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Barack Obama is curiously calling for more censorship on social media.

Obama knows Democrats are in big trouble heading into the midterm elections already.

And if they lose hold on Twitter—one of their biggest tools to control the narrative—Democrats could be in for total destruction. 

So, Obama’s stepping in to stop it.

The former President gave a speech at Stanford where he echoed the calls for federal regulation of Big Tech speech platforms and compared Trump advisor Steve Bannon — and by implication America First patriots — to Vladimir Putin, saying they “flood a country’s public square with enough raw sewage.”

The speech clearly aimed at ratcheting up new government censorship powers in case Elon Musk succeeds in his bid to take Twitter private.

“[Tech] companies need to have some other North Star than just making money and increasing profit shares.”

That North Star isn’t Free Speech.

The First Amendment “doesn’t apply to private companies like Facebook and Twitter,” Obama said according to a Breitbart report on the speech.

Elon Musk was so appalled by the authoritarian leftist drift of Twitter that he bought the biggest stake in the company, and made an offer to buy the company outright and take it private.

Twitter’s algorithm has long been a black box that favors liberal users.

So, Musk’s potential takeover of the platform freaked out the entire Left, which became comfortable with the liberal bias on Twitter.

For example, anyone who questions the 2020 election runs the risk of getting permanently banned, but people are free to question Stacey Abrams’s defeat in the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial race.

Ironically, the board of Twitter is not too keen on Musk’s offer, even though Musk’s purchase would make the shareholders a lot of money as he is offering well above market rate.

For the Left, Twitter is not about turning a profit, it’s about being able to control the daily narrative.

If Musk is successful in his hostile takeover, the Democrats need a “poison pill” of their own, and that’s government regulation.

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