Barack Obama and Joe Biden are livid after Lauren Boebert smacked them with this news

Democrats know Biden is sinking the Party.

So former President Obama came up with a blueprint for a desperate power grab to help Joe hang on.

But Barack Obama and Joe Biden are livid after Lauren Boebert smacked them with this news.

Former President Barack Obama raced to save Joe Biden and the Democrats’ chances in 2022 and 2024.

Shortly before news broke that Elon Musk planned to buy Twitter, take it private, and restore free speech on the platform, Obama delivered a speech at Stanford, laying out the “disinformation” strategy. 

And days later President Joe Biden announced his Department of Homeland Security would create a so-called “Disinformation Governance Board” – a centrally controlled executive branch department to issue guidance on what is true and what is not.

The Democrats have become so desperate to hang on to power, they thought they could create an Orwellian Ministry of Truth without anyone objecting.

They were wrong. 

Now, Congresswoman Lauren Boebert and other House Republicans are introducing legislation to defund the Disinformation Governance Board.

Boebert ripped into the scheme, calling on Congress to pass her bill to terminate the board.

“I wouldn’t trust [President Joe] Biden and his incompetent misfits to take care of one of my goats. And I certainly don’t trust them to be the arbiters of truth…I trust the American people. They are more capable of looking at claims, researching facts, (and) making informed decisions,” Boebert said. 

Boebert also balked at an absurd claim that the Disinformation Governance Board is needed to combat supposed disinformation coming from the Mexican drug cartels.

Boebert responded, “This board needs to be defunded and needs to be dismantled because this is not a tool to go after the cartels. We have plenty of tools that we can use to go after the cartels…It seems like it was created to terrorize the American people rather than to prevent terrorists from engaging in our country. So I would not give any credence to this disinformation governance board, this department of propaganda.”

Boebert also called out Nina Jankowicz, the censorious leftist who was tapped to run the Disinformation Governance Board and be the “official” arbiter of truth.

“Nina  said that President Trump would embolden ISIS. Well, he defeated it. Nina said the Hunter Biden laptop from hell was a Trump campaign product. Nina said that concerned parents who wanted a say in their children’s education were pushing disinformation; and Nina said Big Tech should censor the Wuhan lab leak theory because it was, you guessed it, disinformation. Nina doesn’t seem to have a good relationship with truth and will surely use this board to silence Americans,” Boebert said in a scathing speech from the House floor.

The nightmarish Disinformation Governance Board – or DGB, which sounds way too close to KGB – should be shut down immediately, and it certainly shouldn’t be run by a naked partisan like Jankowicz.

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