Barack Obama and George Soros teamed up for this devious plot against free speech

The Left is losing their iron grip over controlling the flow of information.

But they’re not going to give up power without a fight.

Now, Barack Obama and George Soros have teamed up for this devious plot against free speech.

Elon Musk buying Twitter sent shock waves throughout the world.

Musk, a self-described “free speech absolutist” has been critical of the platform’s bias against conservatives.

With Musk in charge, the censorship against conservatives could be coming to an end.

The Left’s power is based on shutting down their critics and being able to set the narrative.

Faced with losing power, they’re launching a massive effort to pressure Musk into accepting the censorship status quo.

A group of some of the most powerful figures in the global Left have banded together to demand that advertisers boycott Twitter if Musk delivers on his promise of free speech.

26 left-wing activist groups signed a letter aimed at leading advertisers promising a boycott if their standards for Twitter aren’t upheld.

Groups who signed onto  the letter included the George Soros-funded Media Matters and Accountable Tech – a group with ties to Obama.

The Daily Mail reported that groups are funded by, “an assortment of ‘dark money groups’ like George Soros’s Open Society Foundation; NGOs founded by former Clinton and Obama administration staffers; wealthy Democrat donors and their family foundations; labor unions; and the governments of European nations.”

The letter made hysterical claims in hopes of scaring advertisers off of Twitter. 

“Musk intends to steamroll safeguards and provide a megaphone to extremists who traffic in disinformation, hate, and harassment. Under the guise of ‘free speech,’ his vision will silence and endanger marginalized communities, and tear at the fraying fabric of democracy” the letter states.

They demanded that the censorship standards of Twitter’s old regime be upheld.

The letter ended with a threat against advertisers if Musk follows through with his changes.

“As top advertisers on Twitter, your brand risks association with a platform amplifying hate, extremism, health misinformation, and conspiracy theorists,” the letter warns.

“Under Musk’s management, Twitter risks becoming a cesspool of misinformation, with your brand attached, polluting our information ecosystem,” it continued.

“Your ad dollars can either fund Musk’s vanity project or hold him to account. We call on you to demand Musk uphold these basic standards of community trust and safety, and to pull your advertising spending from Twitter if they are not,” it concluded.

Media Matters has tried to use boycotts to shut down conservatives for years.

They’ve unsuccessfully targeted everyone from Rush Limbaugh to Tucker Carlson with intimidation tactics against advertisers with the intent of making these shows unprofitable so the parent companies drop them. 

Now, they’ve teamed up with some of the heaviest hitters on the Left in an effort to shut down Musk.

It remains to be seen if this scheme works but it’s clear the Left isn’t giving up their digital dominance without a fight. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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