Barack Obama and George Bush just locked arms on one bone-chilling Deep State priority

The Midterms showed America is divided now more than at any time in recent history. 

But don’t worry, globalist elites and Deep Staters have a plan to unite the country.

So former Presidents Obama and Bush have just locked arms on this bone-chilling Deep State priority.

Former Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush want to whitewash the roles they played in straining the seams that held American society together for years.

Instead of self examination, the two Ivy League educated elites have ambitious plans to lecture Americans about the news they read.

The uni-Party’s “dis” and “mis” information myth

There is no way of denying it, the internet is saturated with more news and “information” than ever before. 

With this in mind, the uni-Party elites would like you to believe that you can’t believe anything that makes them look bad.

So they’re pedaling the myth to Americans that “disinformation” and “misinformation” are more prevalent than ever before.

And it’s under those pretenses, they say free speech should be policed far more heavily. 

When it comes to fake news, Democrats and RINOs would like you to believe that this is an issue that only pertains to the Right and right-leaning news sources. 

In reality, the exact opposite is true, as the elite-approved “mainstream” news sources spout off nonsense on a daily basis. 

Despite this, former Presidents Barack Obama and George Bush have announced that they are holding events to, according to Axios, “highlight rising threats from authoritarianism and disinformation — and how to combat them globally and at home.”

Subtle “misinformation” with Ukrainian President at the Bush Center conference

This week, the George W. Bush Institute has launched a conference called “The Struggle for Freedom,” billed with high-profile guests including Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and which, according to ReclaimTheNet, “subtly hints at tackling ‘misinformation’ and “disinformation.’”

However Zelenskyy – who was originally slated to appear live via satellite to speak with Bush during Wednesday’s event, pulled out due to a missile attack on Poland that was alleged at the time to be at Russia’s hands but is now known to have been a Ukrainian missile. 

How convenient that seemed at a conference where Bush urged the United States to send more money to  Zelenskyy because “We’re generous, decent people who care about the human condition elsewhere,” The Dallas Morning News reported.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama’s conference, the so-called “Democracy Forum,” attacks the Right more head-on and features several high-profile Big Tech figures, including the CEO of Glitch, according to ReclaimTheNet.  

Earlier in the year, Barack Obama made his opinion on internet free speech at a Stanford University event where he said, “Solving the disinformation problem won’t cure all that ails our democracies or tears at the fabric of our world, but it can help tamp down divisions and let us rebuild the trust and solidarity needed to make our democracy stronger.”

What this translates to is, Obama wants to restrict internet free speech, especially from those whom he does not agree with. 

In reality, it is the uni-Party elites that have a chronic problem with disinformation and misinformation. 

Who can ever forget the repeated lies the mainstream media peddled about COVID, before anybody actually knew anything about the virus. 

Then of course you have the false narrative about Russian collusion which nearly every mainstream media outlet peddled to America for years with impunity. 

The actual fake news rarely, if ever, gets fact-checked and taken down which proves that the crusade to end “disinformation” has nothing to do with disinformation. 

Rather, it has everything to do with silencing conservative voices and taking over internet free speech. 

There is nothing the establishment elites hate more than the First Amendment and free speech and they’re employing George Bush and Barack Obama to spew their bogus talking points in hopes of getting more Americans on both sides of the aisle on-board with eliminating free speech. 

This is yet more proof that conservatives need to be very cautious about trusting people like George Bush, who have made it very clear that they’re no friends of the modern Conservative movement. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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