Attorney General made one eye-opening statement about the latest Trump witch hunt

Photo by The United States Department of Justice via Wikimedia public domain

Donald Trump never made many friends in the DOJ.

But one purported enemy just came to Trump’s aid.

And the lead man at the top of his Justice Department made one eye-opening statement about the latest Trump witch hunt.

Former Attorney General is no fan of Donald Trump

The Left are destroying democratic norms because of their bloodlust for taking down Donald Trump.

All four indictments against Trump are dubious, particularly the one in Georgia where Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis brought a RICO charge against Trump and 18 associates, including his lawyers, in order to put Trump behind bars.

And one person who does not at all like what Willis did is former AG Bill Barr.

Despite his anger at Trump, particularly how Trump’s first term ended, Barr called shenanigans on the Georgia indictment.

Barr said during a Fox News interview, “Well, I’m not happy with the Georgia case. I think it’s much too sweeping, much too broad, excessive case that is — make it look like people are piling on and being excessive to Trump and feed the narrative that he’s being victimized here. And I also think there’s merit in the point that this is a case that I don’t think is going to be triable before the election. It’s just too sprawling.”

Willis said she wanted to try all 19 defendants at once, an idea that was even shot down by Left-wing legal analysts.

Barr also believed the New York charge against Trump was bogus.

Barr and Trump said to have hated each other by the end of Trump’s term

Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg, another George Soros-funded prosecutor, used a federal statute to charge a state crime in order to get around the statute of limitations having expired.

That said, Barr believed that the federal charges against Trump were valid.

He continued, “I think the federal cases are legitimate. At the end of the day, at the core of this thing, he engaged, in the case of the documents, in outrageous behavior where anyone would be prosecuted. I don’t know of any attorney general who could walk away from it. He’s not being prosecuted for having the documents. He’s being prosecuted for obstruction — two egregious instances are alleged. So, I think that’s a very simple case, and that should be tried. If the judge is anywhere competent, that can be concluded before the summer, and the other case after the election, he, in my opinion, he did cross the line. It wasn’t just rough-and-tumble politics. He crossed the line.”

However, Barr said that Trump should not go to jail; instead, he should pay a “very substantial penalty.”

Considering the Clintons got away with document scandals of their own, putting Trump in jail over the classified documents charge would be outrageous.

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