Attempt to check Ted Cruz on The View slammed into a brick wall of truth

The so-called mainstream media have lost monopoly control of the narrative.

They’re deploying various strategies in an attempt to get it back.

But an attempt to check Ted Cruz’s appearance on The View slammed into a brick wall of truth.

The internet and social media have broken the corporate-controlled press’s stranglehold on information.

Now people can get their news from a variety of sources, much to the consternation of the establishment.

One way that legacy institutions have attempted to regain control is through censorship and so-called fact-checking.

“Objective” fact-checkers shoot down claims that contradict the establishment narrative in an attempt to delegitimize people and outlets that are now legacy media or approved figures.

Establishment gatekeeper tried to fact check Ted Cruz and failed miserably

Recently, Senator Ted Cruz appeared on The View and torched the DNC mouthpieces on the panel.

And Newsweek attempted to fact-check his statements with jaw-dropping bias.

During the episode, the hosts referenced January 6th as proof that only right-wingers engage in political violence.

That’s when Cruz pointed out that far-Left BLM protesters and Antifa terrorists engaged in months worth of riots in 2020.

Newsweek issued a fact-check that read, “The ‘Antifa riots’ Cruz refers to are almost certainly the protests, which followed George Floyd’s death. Most of these occurred between late May to early June 2020. Although many buildings were damaged or destroyed by fire during protests, this did not carry on throughout the year. While protests did continue in Portland, Oregon for nearly a year, according to media reports, these were not all characterized by arson. Most other cities quietened down after June 2020. Labeling the protests as ‘Antifa riots’ is misleading too as there is no organization or group known as such.”

This is gaslighting on multiple levels.

First, the protests did continue throughout the year, and not just in Portland.

Just because “most” of the protests occurred in May and June does not mean that all of them did.

For example, the riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin—which led to the Kyle Rittenhouse saga—occurred in late August and September.

And saying that the riots “were not all characterized by arson” is not a ringing endorsement.

Leftist terrorists firebombed a federal courthouse and attempt to burn alive law enforcement for weeks.

Finally, the idea that Antifa does not exist is absurd; that is a far-Left propaganda talking point.

Antifa does not have an official organizational structure, but they have a flag, an ideology, specific tactics, and specific garb.

The idea that Antifa is simply a “myth,” as Congressman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) put it, is insulting to the people who have been injured or killed by the communist terrorist group.

These bogus “fact-checks” are how establishment institutions cling to their fading legitimacy.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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