Attack on families no one saw coming – these companies saw the Bud Light fiasco and said HOLD MY BEER

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Anheuser-Busch is reeling after announcing Bud Light’s partnership with a trangender “influencer” the same week as Aubrey Hale murdered six people in Nashville, including three kids.

But it appears that there’s a host of other companies who’ve learned nothing about attacking families.

Because these companies evidently saw the Bud Light fiasco and said HOLD MY BEER in what looks like an attack on families that no one saw coming.

Democrats have spread propaganda about the GOP’s so-called, “War on Women” for decades hoping to profit at the polls.

However, considering many Democrats now refuse to even define what a “woman” is – Americans are starting to question which party really has a problem with females.

And now, these woke corporations are seemingly slapping American moms across the face just in time for Mother’s Day.

Making money off the moms

There’s one Sunday a year when florists, candymakers and greeting card companies enjoy a second Black Friday.

In 2023, this lucrative Sunday – Mother’s Day – falls on May 14.

Mother’s Day accounts for about a quarter of the entire floral industry’s sales for the entire year.

It’s actually the third largest single card-giving Holiday of the year.

And despite Hallmark playing a massive role in popularizing the day for moms – the greeting card conglomerate is now opting out of the Holiday.

Hallmark – along with dozens of other major corporations – are sending out “optout of Mother’s Day” emails to their customers.

These companies – that make a mint off of the backs of American moms – are making special arrangements for any self-proclaimed “Social Justice Warriors” who are offended by women with real breasts and ovaries.

With a click of a button, corporations will make Mother’s Day disappear for anyone – from so-called “pregnant people,” to the college student who is still mad that his mom shrunk his favorite band tee-shirt in the wash last week.

The list of companies opting out of Mother’s Day includes: Hallmark, Kay Jewelers, Cartier, DoorDash, Kroger, Fry’s Food Stores, Nespreso Coffee, Levi’s,, MAC Cosmetics, Milk + Honey Spas, Thomas Sabo, Stitch Fix, Buy Buy Baby, Beauty Counter, Harry & David, Etsy, Uncommon Goods, Canvas on Demand, Keto Chow, Pura, Briogeo Hair Care, Canva and more.

The Arizona Informer Twitter account has been following the head-scratching move and is posting screenshots of all the companies they find canceling Mother’s Day.

Making an end of the moms?

Most of the emails have eerily similar wording.

The supposed “coincidence” has the Arizona Informer speculating that it might be a coordinated effort from on high, like a woke non-profit organization that gave the marching orders and the matching script to all the businesses wanting to up their ESG social credit score.

The Arizona Informer doesn’t believe all of this is all of a sudden to protect the feelings of people who may have suddenly lost a parent or child but instead part of the radical Left’s all-out assault on the nuclear family.

And they aren’t alone.

Turning Point USA founder, Charlie Kirk had another interesting take away.

It’s unclear if these companies will give customers the option to opt out of offers surrounding other holidays or circumstances that don’t apply to them, such as the non-stop “colorful” ads during the now annual month-long barrage of virtue-signaling support for all things LGBT every June.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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