AT&T named this Bill Clinton lackey as chairman and no one expected what followed

Some still call the legacy phone service Ma Bell, but AT&T just proved it’s a 21st Century company.

AT&T did something shocking about a big problem they see at their company and it could cause millions to switch.

And no one expected what followed after AT&T named this Bill Clinton lackey as chairman.

Corporations are implementing radical policies throughout their organizations.

And AT&T has run full speed ahead into the Left’s radical agenda.

The company named former President Bill Clinton’s FCC Chair William Kennard as chairman of the telecom giant’s board last year.

And surprise, surprise – the company is now forcing its employees to undergo Critical Race Theory-inspired struggle sessions in order to advance in the company.

CRT is a neo-Marxist ideology that has no place in corporate America, but nearly every organization has had to deal with this infestation in one form or another.

From City Journal:

According to a senior employee, who agreed to speak on condition of anonymity, managers at AT&T are now assessed annually on diversity issues, with mandatory participation in programs such as discussion groups, book clubs, mentorship programs, and race reeducation exercises. White employees, the source said, are tacitly expected to confess their complicity in “white privilege” and “systemic racism,” or they will be penalized in their performance reviews.

Companies, schools, and other institutions have become obsessed with racialized bean-counting.

It’s a terrible way to do business and pigeon-hole employees.

The forced confessions are straight out of the Maoist Cultural Revolution.

City Journal continued:

As part of the overall initiative, employees are asked to sign a loyalty pledge to “keep pushing for change,” with suggested “intentions” such as “reading more about systemic racism” and “challenging others’ language that is hateful.” “If you don’t do it,” the senior employee says, “you’re [considered] a racist.” AT&T did not respond when asked for comment.

This is how fringe radicals can take over organizations.

They either force the organizations to bend to their wheel, or they essentially tear them down from within.

That’s how The New York Times came to be policed by far-left radicals who claimed they felt “unsafe” when Senator Tom Cotton wrote an op-ed for the paper.

City Journal added:

The 21-Day Challenge also directs employees to articles and videos promoting fashionable left-wing causes, including “reparations,” “defund police,” and “trans activism,” with further instruction to “follow, quote, repost, and retweet” organizations including the Transgender Training Institute and the National Center for Transgender Equality.

This is political correctness and coercion in action.

The Left can’t win hearts and minds any other way, so they depend on propaganda, censorship, and force.

But more and more Americans are getting fed up, and rejecting radicalism.

The Left might have finally pushed the country too far.

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