Apple has egg on its face with the woke crowd after word got out about a distributing move to muzzle this employee

Big Tech companies are abusing their power.

After years of flying under the radar, they’re finally being scrutinized.

Now Apple has egg on its face with the woke crowd after word got out about a distributing move to muzzle this employee.

Apple claims that it does not silence employees, but documents from a whistleblower suggests that is not the case.

Former Apple engineer Cher Scarlett says she was pressured into signing a nondisclosure agreement on her way out the door.

From Business Insider:

Lawyers for Apple spelled out precisely what they wanted engineer Cher Scarlett to say following her recent departure from the company, limiting her words to only: “After 18 months at Apple, I’ve decided it is time to move on and pursue other opportunities.”

The language, included in a strict nondisclosure and non-disparagement clause as part of a separation agreement Apple offered Scarlett last month, struck Scarlett as “ridiculous”…

“I was shocked,” said Scarlett, who spent months working to improve pay equity at Apple, which she says prompted harassment from colleagues and intimidation from the company. “In my mind, I should be able to say whatever I want as long as I’m not defaming Apple.”

Ironically, Apple’s wokeness came back to bite the company.

According to Scarlett, she was fighting for leftist causes that Apple claims to support but was met with resistance.

Scarlett and other leftists are obsessed with so-called “pay equity” but wage discrimination has been illegal for decades.

Pay disparities between groups—particularly men and women—can result from many factors including job selection.

For example, women are less likely to choose dangerous jobs, outdoor jobs, and jobs centered around things over people, e.g. tech.

On average, men also work more annual hours, and they don’t take time out of the workforce to raise children.

When controlling for these factors, any disparities in pay largely evaporate.

Business Insider continued:

The gag order, which Scarlett declined to sign, was fresh on her mind when, on October 18, Apple made a series of startling statements to the SEC.

In responding to a shareholder proposal for Apple to assess potential risk associated with using NDAs “in the context of harassment, discrimination, and other unlawful acts,” Apple told the SEC that its “policy is to not use such clauses.” As a result, attorneys for Apple argued the company had already addressed the concerns of activist shareholders.

Citing her own experience receiving NDAs from Apple, Scarlett filed a whistleblower complaint with the SEC on October 25. The complaint, which Insider has reviewed, details what Scarlett says are “false statements or misleading statements” by Apple to the agency.

If Scarlett’s complaint is found to be valid, it will poke a hole in Apple’s assertion that they don’t silence employees.

Apple censorship shouldn’t come as a surprise.

The company colluded with Google and Amazon to kneecap Twitter competitor Parler after the Capitol Hill riots.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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