AOC’s pal is trying to muzzle this conservative who exposed one massive scandal about her husband

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AOC’s socialist “Squad” is getting buried in ugly scandals. 

Since the radical Leftist group of Congress members was first formed it’s been under a cloud of suspicion with one investigation after the next into financial missteps. 

Now AOC’s pal Cori Bush is trying to muzzle a conservative who exposed a massive scandal about her husband.

Representative Cori Bush is a Black Lives Matter activist representing Missouri’s 1st Congressional district. 

She swept into office during the 2020 riots, but while she may have posed as someone campaigning against corruption, the Congresswoman is now mired in controversy over serious financial mismanagement claims. 

Now the Democrat’s campaign is apparently going after a conservative attorney who filed a complaint about payments Bush’s campaign made to her husband. 

Attorney Dan Backer with the Committee to Defeat the President—a political organization opposed to Joe Biden—received a letter from Bush’s campaign filled with excuses as to why the campaign paid the Congresswoman’s husband for private security services.

The Left’s war to silence conservatives extends especially to conservatives who dare the justice system against them

The letter went as far as threatening to have Backer disbarred in the District of Columbia. 

The CDP had claimed that filings from the 2022 campaign cycle shows Bush’s husband was paid more than $60,000 despite the fact that he didn’t have a security license in either Saint Louis or Washington, D.C. 

Backer quickly fired back explaining that “she’s either falsifying FEC reports that her husband illegally provided security services he’s not licensed to provide, or he did illegally provide them and she violated the law prohibiting paying for illegal things.”

Responding to the campaign’s threatening letter, Backer pointed out that it was remarkably light on substance. 

 “You have not identified any false statements of fact—as opposed to non-frivolous legal conclusions and non-actionable opinions based on disclosed facts— in any of CDP’s filings. Nor have you provided any actual evidence establishing any of CDP’s assertions were false,” he wrote. “To the contrary, several of the factual claims you make in the Threat Letter actually bolster CDP’s complaints.”

Ironically, not only does Bush want to defund the police, she also apparently wants to skirt the law while paying her own husband for security services. 

That’s a move that may not play well in a district that’s experiencing the repercussions of living with Leftists’ radical pro-crime policies. 

According to NeighborhoodScout, Saint Louis has become one of the most crime ridden locations in the nation with residents facing one in 14 odds they’ve become the victim of a “violent or property crime.” 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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