AOC utterly humiliated herself over what Mark Zuckerberg just did to the biggest black Trump supporter on Instagram

As far as the Left is concerned, it is always either their way or the highway. 

Some of their worst attacks come when someone who typically falls in the Democrat camp refuses to step in line with the Left’s worldview.

But AOC just utterly humiliated herself over what Mark Zuckerberg just did to the biggest black Trump supporter on instagram.

Nothing scares the Left like outspoken conservative minorities 

There is absolutely nothing that scares those on the Left more than outspoken minorities.

Everytime a black man or homosexual individual espouses conservative views, they are quickly silenced and condemned by the Left.

This openly goes against everything the Left spews out about listening to “black voices” and anyone else they insult as “marginalized.”

Obvious evidence of this hypocrisy can be found in the case of Trump’s most high-profile black supporter, Kanye West. 

Over the last couple of weeks or so, Kanye West has been very vocal on Instagram over his support of former President Donald Trump.

Along with his praise of Trump, Kanye has put out some very conservative opinions over religion and the way his children are being raised by ex-wife Kim Kardashian. 

Instead of allowing West to voice his opinions, which is the entire point of most tech platforms like Instagram, Mark Zuckerberg and Meta were quick to banish West. 

Meta, the company that owns Facebook and Instagram, claims West was making anti-semitic remarks on the platform after he posted a string of racy messages. Twitter did the same.

Admittedly that is a very confusing thing to put out, but Kanye West should be allowed to make his case instead of being silenced. 

The thing that makes this banishment infuriating is that many on the Left have gotten away with posting much more intensely anti-semitic rhetoric than this.

Just a couple years ago, Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar of Minnesota tweeted that anybody who supports Israel in the US should be condemned “for their allegiance to a foreign country.”

This tweet was eventually condemned by Nancy Pelosi and others on the Left once they could no longer ignor Omar’s blatantly anti-semitic remarks.

However, some came to her support. 

One such person was her fellow Democrat Congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez of New York, who claimed “incidents like these do beg the question: where are the resolutions against homophobic statements? For anti-blackness? For xenophobia? For a member saying he’ll ‘send Obama home to Kenya?'”

So rather than defend the statements Ilhan Omar made, AOC was quick to point the finger elsewhere.

As far as West is concerned, he is getting no such support from the Left, undoubtedly due to his support of the Right over the years. 

In fact, many far-Left groups are coming for West in the most vicious way imaginable. 

ADL Jewish Obama attack dog group piles on West

One such group is the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which is run by former Obama official Jonathan Greenblatt. 

This group was started as a legitimate organization to combat anti-semitism but now is nothing more than an attack arm for the Democrat Party. 

They tweeted out “The behavior exhibited this week by @kanyewest is deeply troubling, dangerous, and antisemitic, period. There is no excuse for his propagating of white supremacist slogans and classic #antisemitism about Jewish power, especially with the platform he has.” 

The Left trots Greenblatt’s ADL out anytime they need to smear one of their political opponents with charges of anti-Semitism.

So it’s no surprise Greenblatt and the ADL piped up about West.

Greenblatt and his outfit are also the Left’s go-to when they need to gloss over the rampant anti-Semitism of Democrat Party faithful, like when Whoopi Goldberg made a completely historically inaccurate claim about the holocaust on The View earlier this year.

Greenblatt went so far as to help Goldberg’s crisis-PR team with a seemingly fabricated Twitter exchange the day after her on-air outburst.

Greenblatt responded to Whoopi’s statement that “the Holocaust isn’t about race,” by tweeting at her – albeit with extra r in her name to cover his tracks – “No @WhoopiGoldberrg, the #Holocuast was about the Nazi’s systematic annihilation of the Jewish people who they deemed to be an inferior race,” he wrote. 

The clean up job continued from there but the reality is, Greenblatt and the ADL are actually some of the chief pushers of race propaganda in recent years.

The organization even changed the definition of “racism” on their very own website to say racism is only about color.

The ADL wouldn’t dare smear far-Left mouthpiece Whoopi Goldberg’s anti-semitic outburst as “white supremacist.” 

The reality is starkly different with West or anyone else with Conservative views.

Absolutely ridiculous.  The Left cannot stand anybody who does walk in lock step with their messed up world view. 

But those who do, they’ll pile in to defend no matter what.

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